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Please excuse the disgustingly cheesy title… but hello muffins! I’m back :) thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post, but I have to be honest with you… my short break didn’t really do me any good at all! I felt so lost and without purpose all week, and I was only gone for a few days! Haha, I couldn’t stay away, I doubt most of you even noticed I’d gone quiet!

Anyway, you might remember a few weeks back I posted a plea for USA bloggers to come forward as I was dying to get my hands on a few of the Claire’s Mood polishes. The inimitable Kayla came to my rescue and we planned a little transatlantic swap! If you don’t already follow Kayla, you should keep an eye on her blog to see what she received from me when she posts about it :)

As you can see, she was SUPER generous. She managed to get every single polish on my wishlist and even a few more as extras! In this post I’ll show you a quick swatch of all the polishes and I will go more in depth on some of them in upcoming posts. I just really want to show you all the cool new stuff I got!

Confetti- Moonstruck and Pure Ice – Purple Reign, Risk Taker

Purple Reign, Risk Taker, Moonstruck

I’d never heard of the brand Confetti before, but Kayla said she grabbed this one for me because it was supposedly a Chanel Particuliere dupe and the range is being discontinued! Risk Taker is her favourite Pure Ice shade, and she thought Purple Reign (great name) looked like a really interesting colour.

Hard Candy – Hypnotic, Envy, Mr Wrong

Same as above

I’d seen Mr Wrong on a lot of American polish blogs before and loved how unique it was. Stoked to now finally own it myself! Hypnotic looked like a gorgeous colour when I was picking out what I wanted, but it’s disappointingly sheer. I’m a sucker for a dark green, so Envy, a beautiful blackened emerald shimmer, was a must have. It looks blacker here than it is in person.

Milani – Digital, Hi-Res, Cyberspace, Hi-Tech

Same as above

I knew I also had to get my hands on a few of the Milani 3D holos. I always love me some holo goodness but British brands leave a lot to be desired! These are so super sparkly. I think I might actually like them even more than my beloved China Glaze holos! Watch this space.

Claire’s – Excited/Bored, Awesome/Silly, Mellow/Crazy

Mellow/Crazy, Awesome/Silly, Excited/Bored

Claire’s – Lonely/Loved, Peaceful/Confident, Happy/Earthy

Same as above

And, le piece de resistance – Claire’s Mood polishes! Sadly disappointed in the glittery ones, they don’t really ‘work’ – but the others are SUPER cool. I won’t say much now but be on a lookout for a more in depth post about these!

Thanks so much Kayla for swapping with me, I had a ton of fun!

P.S. I want to apologise for my nasty dry cuticles in this post… but to be honest with you I couldn’t be bothered making them look nice ’cause I was only swatching! Haha

19 thoughts on “Top of the Swaps!

  1. I have a couple of the glitter mood polishes. The color change is very dramatic if you run your hands under cold then warm water. It’s not the most subtle way to let people see your nails, but I was washing my hands in front of everyone to show off Mellow/Crazy.

  2. Ooooo those mood polishes are cool :D I have those Milani holos and love them :) Really like Confetti Moonstruck and Hard Candy Mr Wrong so I may have to try and track those down :D

    Kelly x

  3. Excellent haul! You must be floating on a true polish high right now! I have the Milani holos and love them, I really like their glitzy glosses as well. Enjoy everything!!

  4. Yay! I’m glad you love everything! Those glitter “mood” polishes really don’t change! Sad! You’re much faster at getting the swap post up. I feel lazy. :) I should go start that now…

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