Something Sweet and Simple

After the heinous process that was removing Mean and Green (see previous post), I wanted to wear something totally and utterly different. Cue China Glaze’s Something Sweet, which I haven’t used in a good few months.

Totally weird to be using bright pastel pink in the middle of October, but we’ve actually been having really nice sunny days here in Essex over the weekend! Not a cloud in the sky today, but it is a bit nippy. Haha, watch the heavens open now I’ve said that!

I just used black polish with a striper brush and a dotting tool for this look. As I was doing it, I wanted to go mad and add more stripes/dots/swirls in a darker pink and throw in some pink or black or silver rhinestones and all that jazz, but decided against it. Wise decision, probably!

What do you think? Is this your sort of nail art, or not so much?

11 thoughts on “Something Sweet and Simple

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :)

    @Pinkhair: Haha maybe I will!

    @Brittany: Ooh, so it is! I thought about doing some pink posts for this month but just did this one without even thinking about the connection! :)


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