Mean and Green and Bloody Disappointing!

I’ve never, ever wanted a MAC nail polish before simply because they’ve never brought out a colour that enticed me enough to buy one. I’d heard before that they weren’t very good, but still felt there was a place in my collection for a bottle or two of MAC polish. When swatches for the Venomous Villains collection appeared on Temptalia months ago, I decided that Bad Fairy and Mean and Green would be the ones to make me take the plunge. They looked SO cool! So I refreshed the site constantly on the day it was released online in the UK as I knew they’d sell out quickly. I managed to grab them and they arrived pretty quick.

But my GOD was I disappointed! So much so in fact, that I’ve already sold them. Haha. I’m not even going to go into Bad Fairy – barely ANY duochrome in it like I thought there was and frankly a huge fail. I only swatched it on one nail then took it straight off. Boring. And it was an absolute pain in the arse to remove, by the way – the sparkle gets all over your fingers and takes ages to get off completely. I did really like the colour of Mean and Green though, here you go…

Undeniably a cool and interesting polish, I don’t own anything else like it. I think I’ll keep this on for a few more days because I won’t be able to wear it again, and also because I’m NOT looking forward to the hassle of cleaning my fingers up! So you wanna know why I hate it so much?

The fuckery is in the quality. It needs three reasonably thick coats to reach opacity, it takes an absolute age to dry and the BRUSH! Oh my god, the brush. Look at this shit, will you?

Sorry, but if I pay £8 for a nail polish I expect a decent quality brush thank you. Not something cheap and stiff with bristles splaying out all over the shop. How MAC can get away with charging so much for such a load of crap, I will never know. I did consider trimming the splayed bristles, but that’s just too much hassle when the remaining bristles would still be stiff as a board. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but I know I’m good at painting my nails. Yet, I had SUCH a hard job trying to get this one to look good. Not a fun experience.

I might have lost out on a few quid but at least I’ve satisfied my curiosity and don’t think my polish collection is lacking anything at all sans-MAC.

Did you get any of the Venomous Villains polishes? Did you love them or hate them? I hope that if you got them, you get on better with them than I did!

24 thoughts on “Mean and Green and Bloody Disappointing!

  1. Ah sorry you didn’t get on with them! I didn’t like the look of Bad Fairy, but got the Orly dupes of the other two. They are sheer but the brushes are excellent on the Orly ones and the colours too pretty to pass up.

    They’re also amazing for layering – so you’d only need a single coat over something else. I’m going to do a blog post on the different effects you can get with them, so if you have second thoughts, I got my Orly on Ebay from the US for £6 each inc P&P x

  2. I’ve never been tempted to buy any MAC polishes, I had a double take at this one, because it does look really unusual, but I kind of thought the quality might not be up to scratch. I’d take it back if I were you, the brush is not right.x

  3. I agree with you on the quality of the brushes. they are crap! but as orly cosmic FX is not available in our country I had to satisfy my lemmings with these Mac polishes. I wasn’t hugely impressed but I don’t hate them.

  4. I have never been tempted because of their bad rep. PLUS I am not buying anything that has to do with bl00dy Disney ffs.
    I don’t have the Orly but I bet they are way better.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear you hate them!
    I still want to get my hands on them as I really like the colour and I can’t find Orly…. but thanks for the review, it’s good to hear about negative points too.

  6. Agreed! Mean & Green is gorgeous but the quality is shockingly poor. I used three coats and it was still patchy and crappy. Then I put it over a dark green and it looked awesome, so I shall be doing that from now on! Don’t let it put you off all MAC polishes, because the formula for ‘Jade Dragon’ was amazing! Opaque in one coat and fast drying. MAC polishes must be hit or miss.

  7. I bought one of the nail varnishes from the Hello Kitty collection because it looked sooooo cute, but agreed the quality SUCKED! I’ve bought like £2 nail varnishes that are better than MAC! You are obviously just paying for the name with MAC…

  8. I’ve never tried any MAC polishes, but I would love to try one, I think they look so chic! After reading your post, I don’t know if I want to try it anymore.. Altough I loove the colour!

  9. @The Postcolonial Rabbit: I’ll definitely have to have a look :) I don’t suppose you still have the link for the seller you used, do you? Would be greatly appreciated :)

    @Lucy: Yup, massive regret! Will hopefully get my hands on the Orly ones instead :)

    @Stellie: Haha, I’ve already sold it on! I bought it online and couldn’t be bothered mucking about with returning and everything!

    @Lisa: I’m going to see if I can’t find the Orly ones on eBay, The Postcolonial Rabbit who commented a few above you said she managed to get them on there :)

    @Jen: I’m hoping they will be, I’ll be hunting for them next!

    @Beauty Addict: I’d hate my blog to be sugary sweet all the time, gotta have a royal bitch every now and then ;P

    @Lily: Really? That’s so stupid, they should stick to a universal formula as much as possible! Silly MAC.

    @KawaiiFreak: Yeah, I’d heard they were bad but thought I’d try it out anyway, what a mistake! You really are paying for those three little letters on the packaging!

    @Kimberley: Deceiving is certainly right! Thanks for the award :)

    @Becky: Me too, such a shame it’s too much of a pain to work with!

    @Lois: Don’t let me put you off trying it, you might love it! I just found it too difficult to work with!


  10. Ive only ever bought one and I sold mine too. Such bad quality. I was tempted to pick up their latest offerings, but then I remembered what happened last time I bought one lol.


  11. lol that blows! I got the same 2 you did and was also pissed at how long it took to get it perfect. I’ve also been painting my nails since I can remember (I don’t know, like 6!) so it’s not like I just suck at it, they really are sheer! It’s the same as the Orly ones. I was also not happy with how sheer they were but at least they didn’t cost as much.
    One thing to make Bad Fairy look good, throw on the Revlon Galaxy sparkle top coat for the black sparkle and toss on a clear Matte top coat to dull it all down. If my fingers weren’t horrific looking (from work) I’d do a post lol

  12. I remember reading your tweets about going to buy mac polish. I only heard not so glorious reviews from various people on mac polishes and i was very curious how a nail expert like you would find it. this seals my opinion of then. i dont think i will never buy any polish of mac.

  13. Eek so glad I couldn’t afford to buy these now haha. I have to say the brush on my MAC Military polish isn’t so good either. I’ve heard such bad things about MAC polishes so I won’t be buying any more xx

  14. @Jo: Curiosity always has to get the better of us, doesn’t it?! Haha

    @KittenMittens: Exactly, right? I couldn’t be bothered faffing about trying different ways to make them look good, so they’re off my hands now!

    @Liloo: Good idea ;P

    @Kim: Hahaaa yeah you didn’t miss out! Money grabbing bastards!


  15. Thanks for posting about this. I was seriously dying to get my hands on MAC (finally) after hearing on and on about how great they can be (note: CAN). The price is just ridiculous for me to pay for since I just like OPI, Zoya, and China Glaze among other brands and they’re more affordable.

    I even sought last year’s MAC polishes out when I went to the outlet mall (I heard they’re sold there) but thank goodness they don’t have the collection I was looking for. I will pass on MAC.

  16. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with these! I don’t have any MACs – they’ve never had colors that appealed to me enough to pay the price tag. I’ll probably pass on them in the future, too.

  17. Me too I bought Mean & green, and mine too had that failed brush, so I came back to counter and asked for a replacement; girl gave me a new one, but commented that brush’s defect was “almost invisible” >.<
    To me, polishes at €12,50 require Perfection :D

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