I can has break?

Hey ladies (and handful of gents) – just a really quick post to let you know I need to chill the hell out.

In over 18 months, I have never once taken a break from blogging, and this isn’t even going to be a proper one; I just feel obliged to let you all know what’s happening!

I usually post every other day without fail but you probably know if you follow me on Twitter that I’ve been really sick over the last week or so and am still getting over the last of it. That coupled with working constantly the last few days has left me completely drained of energy and inspiration, and as such I have nothing to blog about right now. :(

I’ll be going to Colin’s tomorrow and coming back on Monday evening, and a little while ago when I got home from work I was fretting about not having any posts to schedule for the weekend ’cause I hate disappointing you lovely lot but I’m sure you’ll understand that I just need to relax for a few days and not constantly be thinking ‘crap, what can I blog about?!’. Seriously, blogging is at the forefront of my mind ALL the time; no matter where I am or what I’m doing my blogger brain is always whirring trying to think of new posts, I think I just need a few days to empty my mind completely and with any luck, come back refreshed. Hopefully by this time next week or something I’ll have my mojo back.

Hope you’re all well and happy :) I might pop up on Twitter a couple of times over the weekend, take care! Mwah X

16 thoughts on “I can has break?

  1. Hope you feel better soon *hugs*

    I totally get what you mean about needing a break. I’ve done it before myself. Sometimes you just need to step back for a bit. It makes the world of difference.

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