Happy Birthday, Eyeko – plus great news!

If you didn’t know already, October 2010 marks the 10th birthday of Eyeko – yay! Anyone who reads my blog should have a good idea that I’m quite the Eyeko fan since discovering them a couple of years ago at an anime expo! I had a lovely time sipping cocktails with gorgeous bloggers at their event on Saturday evening (yes, I finally met Kim!), which culminated in winning a Spice Girls CD signed by Emma Bunton! Many thanks to my partner in Eyeko body art, the excruciatingly talented Klaire de Lys from YouTube, who’s awesome design on my arm netted us the signed CDs! Unfortunately I only took one picture of it myself and it was really blurry, but I distinctly remember about 20 people taking photos of my arm so if you were there on Saturday and have one, please email it to leanne at donotrefreeze dot com! Thanks :)

Ooh hello Baby Spice!

At the event we were shown plenty of new products heading our way. You might be interested to know that Eyeko are finally coming out with BLUSHES! Although to be honest I didn’t fall in love with them – they were a bit too shimmery for my tastes and the packaging looked a bit cheap if I’m being critical. Also, they’ve brought back the cult favourite Fat Balms in the original three scents, plus three more (Toffee, Frosting and Cherry). These have been rehoused in sleek dark grey tubes and smell divine! I was most enamoured with the new Liptastik crayons – think along the lines of the Barry M lip crayons but much more gorgeous and glossy, and with a twist-up tube so it never needs sharpening! None of these are out yet, but I’ll provide you with some images and more information when they are.

Already available here are the new London Lips glosses. At £6.50 for a generous 13.5ml of product each, I actually think they are pretty good value and something of a stand out product for Eyeko. There are six shades, all named after places in the capital. Three are lighter colours with sparkle, the other three are packed with colour but sans-sparkle. I have Portobello and Shoreditch to show you here:

Portobello on the left, Shoreditch on the right.

Portobello is a subtle colour with a gold sparkle that imparts a pretty rose gold shimmer to the lips which packs enough punch to be worn alone but isn’t too bold. Shoreditch swatches pretty opaque but wears quite similar to my actual lip colour plus lots of shine! They are slightly sticky but this helps with longevity – I’ll be reaching for these glosses quite frequently, I think!

Now, the thing I’m most happy about – this is the great news. I’m sure you’ve noticed me say at least three times lately that Eyeko NEED to bring back Pastel Polish after resurrecting Punk and Saucy from their original line – THEY’VE DONE IT! *Squeeeee*

I think the only reason the old one looks a touch greener is because it’s SO old… I can’t even shake it up any more but could never bring myself to throw it away because I loved it so much!

Pastel Polish was my absolute favourite of the original polishes, and comprised part of my first ever Eyeko haul at the anime expo. It’s an impossibly beautiful shade of pastel blue (no way), but with a subtle blue shimmer that stops it from being chalky – I think that would make it look AMAZING on darker skins. It does need a good three coats to look it’s best, but it’s so worth it.

It’s really difficult to capture the shimmer running through it in photos (especially since the sun doesn’t seem to want to come out lately) but you can see it slightly better here…

I am ever so happy that they’ve brought it back. Grab it here for £3.50 before it’s gone forever!

Sorry for such a long post – to reward anyone who gets this far for doing so, I’m going to give away an Eyeko product to three random followers who comment on this post at the end of the week. I’m not making a big thing of it – if you win, I’ll find a way to contact you, I won’t make an announcement post or anything. Please don’t say ‘enter me’, or I will have to slap you (well, not really, I’ll just delete the comment). Please don’t comment without actually having something worthwhile to say, it’s not hard!

31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Eyeko – plus great news!

  1. Enter me.

    JK! Please don’t delete. As soon as I was scrolling down and I noticed Pastel I was like omgggg she is gonna be so happy! Wahey. You must have some kind of majik powers.

  2. damn sun ruining our photos hehe.
    you see the lovely shine on second photo. this is so pretty. aww so cute you still have the lil bottle from before. you deffo deserve to be an eyeko spokeperson (in search for a better word. This brand is really really coming together now. I love the logo and even if people (well some people) complain about the fac that they are too many posts about, i don’t agree. every post is different and it’s lovely to see every invididual’s relationship good or bad with a product. your story is quite cute.

  3. I never tried the fat balms because the stubby, fat little tubes put me off – so maybe I’ll snap up cherry when it’s released :D I had no idea Pastel Polish was discontinued! Found it in my Superdrug’s bargain bin a few weeks back but didn’t buy it. Looks pretty with your skintone, anyway!

  4. OMGG Pastel is back I am soooo happy!! I thought I was the only one that loved it! I bought 2 bottles from ASOS when it was half price at the beginning of this year but thought I would never see it again so don’t use it as much, now I don’t have an excuse :D becky xo

  5. Yay! Spice Girls CD. I love them!

    I love Eyeko. I don’t know how to describe it but their packaging is kinda tacky and childish in a way but it’s really kitschy and fun at the same time. :)

  6. I’ve heard so many reviews on the Pastel Polish, it looks gorgeous! I’ve only recently discovered Eyeko so thanks for the lovely post on a few of their products. :)


  7. I can’t decide whether I prefer Pastel or Rain Polish, I think i’m going to get the new Pastel one as I have it in the old packaging and I much prefer the new bottles :) I’m also excited for the frosting fat balm – such a good idea!

  8. I really want the new eyeko blushes!
    I think kim has the body art on her blog (not 100% sure) but Ive deffo seen it on someones blog this week!
    I also follow on you twitter @onemorelipstick x

  9. Meeting you was a highlight of my weekend :D I wore Shoreditch lip gloss on Sunday – it’s lovely!! I do indeed have a photo of the art Klaire did on your arm, I’ll email it to you xx

  10. oh oh oh i LOVE those little london lips lipglosses! i feel it in my duty to purchase one of those! haha :D lovely post, would love to see the arm design xxx

  11. Love the look of the Pastel polish, I have Button Moon (collection 2000) but application and longevity are not good.

    Won’t be going for the glosses though.. Can’t stand sticky lips!

  12. I’m so glad you mentioned the glosses! I’ve been eyeing them for about a week, putting them in my cart and leaving them, then putting them in my cart again, etc. Now I have to get Shoreditch and Mayfair, at least.

    Did you get a look at the variety of colors that they’d offer within the blush range? I really hope to see more than just the old pinky-peaches, so here’s hoping for a nice gingery one.

    Pastels aren’t really my thing, so I can’t say I’ll be rushing to the website to snag the re-release, but I do know plenty of people who would. It’s good that Eyeko is the kind of brand that listens to customer requests. :)

  13. well done on the cd :p
    i love the colours of eyeko polishes but the consistancy pee me off, plus they take forever to dry :( but if you have enough time (and patience) you’ll have fab looking nails like you in your picture :) xx

  14. £6.50 seems a bit steep?? Naming products after parts of London? Now where have I *Nails Inc* heard that before? ;o) Pastel and Military (do you have it) are the only polishes I don’t have. Why isn’t Military getting more blog-love?

  15. I’m really interested in the lip crayons, I tried Barry M’s one in tangerine and didn’t like it, too sticky and waaaay too glittery… hopefully Eyeko can do better!

  16. I have an old bottle of Pastel polish from when Superdrug reduced all the Eyeko stuff, I actually don’t like it! I think it was the shimmery sheerness that put me off but your nails look v. pretty so I need to persevere with 3 coats!

  17. Haha. Nice to meet you last week and I think I have a pic of your arm so will dig that out and scoot it over to you. I really freaking want Vampira and Punk and I got some sludgy military colours which I’m not a fan of. Might sort out some swappage! :)
    Spice up your life!! xx

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