Sweet Obsession

Happy Monday, ladies. Thank you so so much for all the lovely supportive comments on my last post, you lot really put a smile on my face! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the other job which leaves me right back at square one. Oh, and bitchface hasn’t paid me yet. After a truly bloody horrid weekend (I’m just starting to get over a nasty cold), I’m looking at today as a new chapter and all that.

I started Slimming World this morning. I always said I was comfortable being a fatty but over the summer I’ve got so much bigger and I need to do something about it for my health more than anything else. My mum’s been on Slimming World for just over a month and has already lost 1st 3lb so fingers crossed :)

Anyway! New nails. They’re pink again, sorry ;P

Illamasqua Obsess. Phwooarrr. The stars are from BundleMonster plate BM21, stamped with China Glaze Something Sweet. I actually quite like this, it’s fun and girly and happy. And here’s the obligatory direct sunlight picture – gotta make the most of these before winter sets in!

Hope you like :) I’ve had a few requests to do a Konad picture tutorial (you can see my Konad Q&A post here), and I’m gonna try my hardest to get it done tomorrow or Wednesday ’cause I’ll be going up to Colin’s on Thursday.

How were all of your weekends? Tell me some happy things to support my new cheerful lease of life!
Love you all lots x

12 thoughts on “Sweet Obsession

  1. bitchface: lol. Aww bless you, I hope you get paid eventually.
    Great nails, love the combo of these 2 pinks.
    All the best your slimming venture, i am all the way behind you xx

  2. Just catching up on my blog reading. I’m so sorry that you have been treated so badly and its fingers crossed for a new start! Its worth taking to the Citizens Advice, they may also be able to help you draft a letter to request the money you’re owed. xx

  3. sweet mother of jaaaysus that’s a hot hot mani! ALSO, dissapointments lead to bigger, way better fings babe! you are totally capable of brighter bigger FABULOUS fings! lotsa love and positive thinking, totally sendin um in a jar to you! <3 and yay for keeping health in check - i feel you on that, cutting down on those unintentionally sugary snacks i seem to be sneaking in lately.. >:) xxxxx

  4. @Liloo: Haha :) thanks very much!

    @Jess: Glad you like! Having long nails is the best, I can’t STAND it when I have to cut my nails short.

    @Welldressedbeauty: Thank you! Yeah, if she hasn’t paid me in the next few days I think I’m gonna go to the CAB.

    @BristolBeautyBlog: Thanks :) don’t worry, I won’t!

    @Pyxiee: Thank you :)

    @Jen: Haha, excellent comment, thank you :)

    @Lily: Thank you!

    @CameronPoe: Yes I think that’s what I’m going to do!

    @Gaby: Thank you :)

    @Jules: Haha thank you :)

    @Kimberly: Yay, glad to hear it! Thanks very much for the tag :)


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