Review: Barry M Eyeshadow Trio

Barry M really didn’t make much of a big deal out of these, did they? They were mentioned on their blog, but no whisper of them on the Barry M mailing list, no special Superdrug promotions when they first came out, nada! I don’t even KNOW when they came out. Haha.

Despite having a complete cult status for their classic Dazzle Dusts, Barry M decided to venture into pressed shadows and the result is 8 different trios in a variety of colours, for £5.95 each (available from Boots, Superdrug, and the Barry M website). Most of the colours in the trios aren’t really my sort of thing – I was naturally tempted by Golden Goddess, a trio of neutral browns but I thought I might as well go for something different so I also skipped over Smoky Seduction, which was made up of two silvers and a black. In the end I plumped for Delicious Diva, with a very light pink, a briiight pink, and a reddy brown.

First complaint – packaging. It’s so tacky and cheap looking! A flimsy clear plastic lid like on their blushes, eww. Surely it can’t cost them too much to make the lid black plastic as well? That would make it look slightly less cheap, right? And secondly, not really a complaint because all the drugstore brands do it, but we don’t want the crappy little sponge/brush. Put the money spent on that towards better packaging, please!

Swatches? Of course. These are all just one swipe with my finger onto my bare hand, no primer or anything.

I’ll admit I was pretty terrified of the pink. I actually really like wearing pink toned colours on my eyes but this was a little TOO pink. Luckily it comes out a little softer when applied to the lid with a brush than it does swatched with a finger! In fact, I was surprised (and maybe a little disappointed) to find that they aren’t as highly pigmented as the swatches would have you believe. They applied nice and smoothly, but needed a fair bit of building up because the colour starts to disappear as you try and blend them together. Fallout was also a bit of an issue, I think I actually got more shimmery flecks on my face with this than I ever do with Dazzle Dusts! Nevertheless, here’s a quick EOTD.

Sadly, their lasting power wasn’t great either. The colours faded slowly but surely throughout the day, despite being worn over UDPP.

Overall thoughts? I really wanted to love this, but I had my issues with it! If you ask me, Barry M should stick to loose shadows. I can’t imagine there’d be much noticeable difference in performance between the different trios so I don’t think I’ll be buying another one.

How about you? Have you tried any of the trios? Do you want to?

Edit: Reader CinereaBellFlower said she bought the Golden Goddess trio and loves it, apparently it has good staying power even without a primer. Perhaps the quality does differ between the trios? Or perhaps these just don’t work well for everyone!

16 thoughts on “Review: Barry M Eyeshadow Trio

  1. I was really looking forward to someone reviewing these. I am the same as you, havent got a clue when these were out. Suddenly one day, I saw these popping up in a large superdrug and that was that. I am a sucker for purple, was tempted to buy the purple trio, but after reading your thoughts on longevity and actual pigmentation on lid, I might give my purse a rest. shame. but after all, all seems to point to thinking that effort towards this new line was only half hearted..


  2. oh and i wonder what will happen if one day a cosmetics brand decides to sell a little eye shadow palette without the obligatory ‘cotton bud’ applicator. will the world fall flat or something, will beauty enthusiasts from all over the world stand up and rise in protest. probably not. why sticking with it then? *sigh*

  3. I thought these would have been better than they look its a shame as i had high hopes. Thanks for the review, i wont bother buying these. Just found your blog, feel free to come & say hi xx

  4. i don’t think i’ll bother spending £6 on any of these – i am tempted however to try the new box blushes from me me me which have copied benefit! their intro price is only £6 xx

  5. @Liloo: Hahaha you do make me laugh! Yeah it is a shame, they do loose shadows so much better!

    @Nicolette: So did I, what a disappointment! Will do :)

    @Sarah: Yeah they look fab, was tempted to pick up a couple of those but my justification for not getting them was they won’t fit in my blush drawer, it’s already full! Hahaha


  6. hmm, don’t think i’ll be trying these out now. it’s a shame because a lot of their products are really really good. I love your blog by the way. :)


  7. The packaging does look pretty darn nasty! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but methinks Barry M could have tried a little bit harder.

    I love your blinking eye picture! Even my bloke was impressed when he saw it…belive me it takes a miracle to unglue his eyes from the TV when he’s watching motorbikes! lol

  8. @Jess: Thanks very much :)

    @Shifa: I know, sucks right? Thanks though :)

    @Cinerea: Oh! I’m glad it worked out better for you, I added your link in an edit at the end of the post :)

    @Ms Wedgie: Haha, thank you! I’ve used the animated pictures quite a few times throughout my blog, particularly when I have lots to post and I don’t want anything to be too pic-heavy! It’s really easy using Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady :)

    @Beauty Addict: You’re welcome! I mean it’s not a BAD product, it’s just not as good as I expect coming from Barry M!


  9. This trio reminds me of those neopolitan tubs of ice cream you can get ;p the shades look really pigmented but the packaging really puts me off so i wont be buying any

  10. I know it should be about the great quality of the product, but I agree with the packaging comment. Just makes it so much more appealing to use if it’s wrapped up nice!

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