I just lost my job.

Sorry for a non-beauty related post, but I really need to vent about this. And I don’t really expect anyone to read it either, but yknow how talking about something calms you down? Sorry.

So remember last year I was working at a coffee shop, then was made redundant because the owner wasn’t bringing in enough money? Well, at the end of May this year she phoned me and asked if I’d like to come back on an ad-hoc basis. I said of course, and have been doing a few hours here and there for her over the last few months.

The other girl who works there, Kasey (who I’ve always got on very well with, we went to school together) is going travelling to Australia at the end of this month, and Sue (the owner) hinted to me that she’d be offering me Kasey’s 20 hours a week job when she left. Naturally I was pleased, because I’ve been having terrible trouble finding work where I live.

The job is minimum wage, and recently I was offered a job interview elsewhere that pays a lot higher and will provide me with more hours. I mentioned this to Sue earlier in the week and she seemed fine with it, and understood that if I was offered that job then I would take it as it would be more advantageous to me.

I worked yesterday, and Sue spent most of the afternoon bitching at me about how she needed a decision about what I was going to do. I said I couldn’t say anything concrete until I found out if I’ve got the job at the other place. She accused me of bringing her out in a rash from stress. Haha, okay.

I worked again today, because no one else was available to do it and I have literally been at her every beck and call for the last few months. I do her a lot of favours – in fact, I bought her an anniversary card and she didn’t bother to buy me a birthday card a few days later. On the contrary, she actually phoned me on my birthday and asked if I could work! Anyway, she left me to handle the shop on my own for most of the day so she could swan about doing other things. When she eventually got back I told her the shop had been dead all day so she said we could close early. We did so, cleaned everything up etc. Now here’s the kicker…

Just as I was about to leave, the following conversation took place. She said to me…
“The last thing you did today was a milkshake, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah I think so, why?”
“Why didn’t you ring it up?”
“Huh? I did *confused face”
“Well the till is £1.50 short.”
“Oh. Sorry, maybe I just opened the till and dropped the money in without putting in the amount. If I did then I didn’t mean to, but still I know I put the money in there so how could it be short?”
“Well the till is £1.50 short.”
“Okay, if I’ve made a mistake I’ll pay for it, do you want the £1.50 to make it up?”
“No, I want your uniform.”
“I want your uniform.”
“Are you joking?”
“Well what am I supposed to walk home in?”
“You can wash it and bring it to me.”
“Right, so you’re firing me over a mistake that I don’t even think I made, which costs £1.50 that I’m more than willing to give you?”
“Okay. Can I have my wages then?”
“No, maybe I’ll drop them round to you later.”

At this point I just walked out. How fucking DARE she accuse me of stealing from her pathetic fucking business? Stealing from someone, particularly from my employer is something I would never even DREAM of doing! Who the hell does she think she is? I was naturally really upset, like hysterically crying as I sat in a car park and phoned my mum. But now I’m just angry as hell. Clearly she was just looking for an excuse to get rid of me because I was considering going for another job – she’s a grown freaking woman, why could she not have just been honest and said that? To accuse me of theft is SO low. In hindsight, I wish I’d asked to see the till roll as some proof that I’d made a mistake.

I’ve screwed my uniform up and left it by the front door (I’m sure as hell not washing it for the bitch). If she comes here, I’ll make it quite clear that she’s not having that uniform back until I’m paid for the work I did today.

The only thing I’m worrying about now, is what if my potential new employer contacts her for a reference, and she tells them I stole from her? I know I’m innocent, and anyone who knows me would know I’m innocent. But that’s no good to the other employer – who are they going to believe, a 19 year old with a poor employment history or a business owner?

What a pathetic, vindictive excuse for a woman. She’s almost 3 times my age but she’s acting like a bitchy schoolgirl. I hope her pathetic coffee shop goes bankrupt and she chokes on her own bitterness. After I get my wages, of course.

Sorry, REALLY needed to let that out.

54 thoughts on “I just lost my job.

  1. OMG that’s really bad. What’s happened to innocent until proven guilty? If she’s like that then you just have to try and think that she doesn’t deserve you working for her. It sounds like it was just an excuse to get you out, no one is really that petty over a £1.50 milkshake, surely?!

    Anyway I have a giveaway on my blog if you want to enter and make yourself feel better: http://craftykarla.blogspot.com/2010/09/blog-giveaway.html

    Oh and damn right you shouldn’t wash your uniform! Stand your ground girl! xx

  2. ok this post really gets me.well next time dont put your working experience with her on ur resume so ur potential employer wont call her for references.start over dear!
    sometimes in life unfair things happend to u, which happened to me awhile back. it was unfair but i learn to deal with it if theres nothing i can do about it to fix it

  3. omg honey, i am so upset about this for you. I am honestly flabbergasted that this has occurred. what an absolute joke and poor excuse for a business manager. crumbs, i would have been exactly the same as you, sobbing in the car park, to be accused of stealing is just outrageous! I am absolutely gutted for you honey, you do not deserve this to happen to you; But hell, sod her, I have my fingers crossed for you that this other job manifests and you can bid farewell to minimum wage working for that noob!!
    Lots of love, thinking of you x

  4. Ugh!! Such a horrible employer! You’re better off without her and it’s her loss.

    And don’t worry, I haven’t even gotten my first job yet so my employment history is even worse. And perhaps you can explain to your new employer about that if it’s needed. I know that you can do so much better without that woman!!

    Lots of love! ♥


  5. Good luck with the new job prospects, if she doesn’t ever come round with the wages I would go in and be overly nice, sickeningly (??) nice but snide and don’t return the uniform until you’re paid.
    My friend had something pretty similar to her happen recently and it hasn’t affected her references, but of course everyone is different.

    If she never comes to pay you – surely you can have some thing legal intervene? Otherwise it’s free labour, which for your age is illegal unless you knowlingly volunteered to do it.
    Let me know how you get on x

  6. Thank you so much for all your supportive comments.

    To everyone who’s suggested legal aid – I wasn’t officially employed. I never signed a contract for this ad-hoc work and never had a set amount of hours so I don’t know if I can claim anything!

  7. i’ve got a major sadface on now :( you’ve been untreated so unfairly! You done the right thing, telling her about the other potential job (which i super duper hope you get!!!!! <3) and it is so sad she could act that way and she knows she could probably get away with it. You're right about the "who are they gonna believe more..." scenario, but it's just so UNJUST! >:( !!!!! You can do so much better and i hope the best for you and a new job soon!!! Perhaps it’s time for a dissapointment to then have bigger + better fings happen to you :D :D :D seriously, that was spiteful of her. 1.50? she’s saying it like you stole 150 quid!!!! silly moo!!!! big big hugs and all my positive thoughts channelled to you my sweetpea xxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Eurgh, so sorry to hear about that sweetheart, she sounds awful. When it comes to references don’t worry too much- just don’t put her down as a reference. It’s very unlikely that your next employer will want to know why you haven’t put her down, so just make sure that you have a couple of people (old teacher, family friends, other employers that you got on better with) that you can use. If they do ask then you’ll need to diplomatically explain why i.e. you weren’t there long enough or something so even though she’s screwed you over you don’t look like you’re slagging her off which never goes down well.

    I hope you find something much, much better soon coz you sure deserve it xxx

  9. :o the bitch! seriously leanne I would have dropped her, and let her go home with a niuce shiner. How dare she accuse you of stealing. Eeeeew like you would steal one pound fucking fifty!

    Wished I lived near you, I’d go and get your wages for you and stick her uniform right up her arse!



  10. Wow, that’s awful :/ I’d basically just tell everyone what’s she’s done and make sure everyone thinking of going to work for her knows what she’s like.

    Shame you didn’t have a contract, because she can basically do as she pleases about your pay. It would be the right thing to pay you, but she hardly sounds a reasonable woman.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear this. *hugs*

    She cannot legally withhold pay, even if you were a casual worker. I hope you kept a record of what you worked? You need to get down to CAB on monday and find out your rights. Believe me, the law is in favour of the worker.

  12. That’s awful. I would get some advice. I know you say you didnt have a contrac, but you should have some rights. If nothing else you can tell her that you are seeking legal advice on the matter. If the money was in the till then it was just a simpl mistake that you fogot to ring something through. It happens- especially if you were distracted by the fact she came back or somehting. I guess if she is the sole owner then she counts the cash. Any other company would have it double counted and then any discrepancies are signed off by the worker/supervisor and counters. If there are multiple discrepancies then they are investigated. Not just one incident.

    Maybe she thought you drun the milkshake and were eating her stock. Still, what she shoudl have done is rung the till up there and then and counted the money with you to see that it was ok.

    Awful situation. I hope that this other job comes through. I would chat to the job centre/CAB to see how you stand, and what to do in the case of a reference.

    If you didnt have a contract with her, then she cant sack you for the fault, and you shouldn’t have to give her as a ref.

    Big hugs. xx

  13. Emma is correct girl! You should contact CAB about it to know what rights you may have regarding this. Also you could possibly visit her place to ask for the till roll that you can verify? Obviously don’t go alone!

    I can’t believe what she did! It was so stupid of her to so such a thing. Also don’t mention her ever as a reference for your potential jobs in my opinion. I am sure you can use academic references if you don’t have an extensive work history.

    Don’t worry, am pretty jobless at the moment too but am glad I will be starting my Masters soon,atleast some hope hehe. Hope you find a job soon :)


  14. oh really sorry just read your comment above that you were never officially employed! In that case no legal aid :( I am sure u’ll find a much better job soon :)

    p.s. you new header is amazing!

  15. Eugh she is obvious just on a sad power trip and has nothing good in her life. But what I really wanted to enphasise to you is….do NOT put this job on your CV! That way noone will know u worked there and ask for a reference! Also she legally owes you your wages. Go back in there and get your wages. I had the same situation and had to go back 3 times before they paid me. Take the uniform with you and don’t give it over until you have your money in your hand plus tips! Don’t let this sad woman bully you! xxx

  16. I hate women like her. They fucking suck. How can she accuse you of nicking one pound fucking fifty? what a cunt. yeah dont wash the uniform. Listen, you will prob get the other job. When one door closes another always opens.and then you wont have to bother with this idiotic female again.with the reference cant you specify who can give you a reference?
    my work is pissing me off at the moment too. I have a disciplinary on tuesday for something i did 7 years ago. I have been at my current job for 7 months so i dont know what they are thinking threatening me with the sack. I have been so stressed, i am tempted to take it further.
    ahhh these things are sent to try us.

  17. Hi I just found your blog and I love it.

    So sorry to hear about what happened. I noticed in your “about me” that you said you were 19. I hope you look at this as one of the most greatest learning experiences ever – that employers only care about themselves and their bottom line. Period. You can work somewhere 20 years and be thrown out like the trash.

    You also now know to NEVER tell your current employer you are looking for work. Some will even trip when you give them notice after you get a new job and want you to leave right when you tell them. That happened to a friend of mine.

    You were her go to person, and she didn’t want to be left in the lurch when you decided to leave so she decided for you, plain and simple to make her planning easier.

    She DOES owe you for the time you worked. Other wise she’s stealing from you.

    Good luck and you are in my prayers!


  18. I can’t believe this happened to you, I am so sorry for you. I don’t know what I would have done in that situtation. It sounds like she is a horrible woman and really should not be running a business if she treats her staff like that. x

  19. What a prize prick she is! Sorry this happened to you, a similar thing happened to my sister in law a few years ago, she had worked for them for 2 years and they accused her of stealing £3, she tried taking them to court but backed out in the end because she couldn’t handle the hassle, she had bigger things on her plate at the time. Seriously crappy thing to happen but like someone else said, it’s an experience to learn from. Maybe rub the uniform in some dog shit before giving it back?

    Alex xx

  20. What an absolutely horrible thing to do!! After all you’ve done for her, and she treats you like that. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself. There’s no wonder she has no staff if she accuses them without getting all the facts. If I were you, I’d hold on to the uniform until she coughs up the wages. And you should ask for the till roll if she’s still adamant over the mistake. I’d imagine she still has them for her accountant etc? I know when I worked in a coffee shop, my boss did.

    I hope you get the new job that you went for. If you’re worried about a reference, don’t put that employment on your CV, but maybe offer personal references instead? I’m with Becky – go to Citizens Advice! xx

  21. Even if you were a casual worker without a contract, you have rights. At your age you are entitled to a minimum wage (not the national minimum wage, but a reduced one.
    Did you get wae slips? If she has been employing you and not declaring it that’s some kind of fraud because of tax returns for her and if you say you are taking it to the next level she will probably pay your wages without much more complaining!

    I’m sorry you’re going through this, but if you get the other job you won’t even need her reference! xx

  22. Wow what a bitch! Im sure she was looking for an excuse to get rid of you but im sure you are better off out of there now. Good luck finding a new job and don’t worry about the reference thing, i don’t think employers are allowed to give bad references, but they can refuse to give one. Maybe it would be better to offer a family friend as a reference instead xo

  23. What a bitch. But, honey, you were so naive. Never ever say to your boss that you are looking for another job! It doesn’t even matter if you both get along, bosses don’t like to know those things.
    I’m sure you’ll find something better.

  24. gah! Some people are just rank assholes :( That’s pure crap what she did.
    Hopefully you won’t get a bad reference. In Canada, references are not allowed to say negative things, just what we ARE good at. Which kinda explains how we get some real winners some times…. :)

  25. i am sorry this happened to you, she sounds like a horrible bitch. i worked with someone like that before but it was a temporary thing and i didn’t have to deal with her for too long. also i think it’s not a good idea to tell your boss you’re looking for another job… but i understand you were just being honest with her and she just took advantage. hopefully this experience will help you in future. best of luck x

  26. Reading this angered me so much, how dare she when you’ve been nothing but a hard working employee for her. You are 10 times the woman she is, I’m pretty sure that she should not be getting away with accusing you of theft when she has no evidence at all. And £1.50?? Are you joking me, she’s made a big mistake firing you. xxx

  27. So sorry to hear this. What an utter cow. Job wise there must be ways to work around the reference thing and cutting her out completely. I hope things look up for you. Keep your chin up, people like this don’t deserve your angry, tears or thoughts!
    E x

  28. How wicked could she be? That’s just plain nasty. I’d give her the uniform, clean I might add, when she hands over the salary. Or, can you turn her into an employment office for paying you under the table? Or would that come back to bite you?

    I really hope you get the other job. Stay strong and know that you’ll come out a winner, since her business is dying out.

  29. I’m very sorry for you. Unfortunately I know what it’s like to lose a job under very unfair circumstances. It’s never pleasant to have to learn the lesson but it’s very important to keep potential movements to yourself rather than telling an employer. No matter how friendly and understanding they seem, you never really know what they are thinking. You are right in holding onto the uniform until you get paid. I don’t think there is much else you can do apart from put the experience behind you and try to move on. Karma usually comes back to bite people that do the wrong thing, like your employer.

  30. And definitely don’t give her name as a referee! Just if anyone asks and you are forced to explain why you don’t want give her details, you can tell them there was a personality difference or something. You need to find someone else to use as a referee, someone that you can count on to give you a good reference.

  31. Is there some board you can file an appeal with for your remaining wages – to make sure that you get them? Or for assistance in facilitating the transfer, as I’m sure she’s going to cause drama and angst about that as well? Try and accuse you of keeping the uniform, et cetera.

    And…yeah. Next time don’t ever even mentioning looking until you’ve got a firm offer, and then give two weeks’ notice (or whatever’s generally customary for your situation.)

    What an ill-mannered person…

  32. Boo :( fingers crossed you get the new job and that stupid woman struggles to find someone to fill your position! A few years ago I got fired because by boss decided to use foriegn language students who came over here for work experience for free rather than employee me!

  33. i understand how you feel, being framed and got fired for it. i went through all of that shit 2 weeks ago and literally was really upset. but i’m just glad to get away from that stupid working place and that my family are supportive. stay strong gal. i’m sure there’s always a better job waiting for us somewhere around the corner. ^_^

  34. as i can see, you have millions of comments on here, but i’m so sorry to hear about this honey! i really hope you get the wages that you’re owed, and i really hope that that other job works out for you.

  35. If I wrote what I am actually thinking right now then I might offend delicate eyes/ears!! What a complete and utter bitch! Has she got some kind of weird personality disorder or something? Nutter!! You should definately go to Citizen’s Advice about the situation.

    Fingers crossed something comes along really soon! You deserve much MUCH better!

  36. wow, that is not fair. That is really not fair. You poor dear.
    Unfortunately as painful as it is to write this I will say it. If you need the work reference. Make an appointment and have a talk with her.
    You never know maybe she was having an awful day. (its no excuse for her behaviour) but perhaps you can salvage something for your resume. (so she doesnt bad mouth you.) Its best to stop things from escalating.

    I know how you feel though. I worked at supermarket casual for christmas and a girl stole 50 dollars from the till once when i was on. I was new so they automatically gave me a warning. And after the discovered it was her they forgot to take the warning off as they should of. So when I went for another interview at the same company and found I had a warning they wouldn’t hire me, and the supervisor I worked under who gave me the warning already left.
    What a kicker.


  37. Oh dear. That is massively rubbish. Unfortunately though, I do think you won’t have any rights legally without a contract etc. A very similar thing just happened to my sister and she has found out she has no rights and is worrying about a reference. I would say the best thing to do is give yourself a bit of time to calm down and then go in there, be super grown up and cool about it all and just suck up. She’ll feel uber guilty for being a cow if you’re sickly nice and you can apologise (just lie and lie here), re-iterate that it’s a misunderstanding and try and convince her to pay you what she owes you. The fake sucking up will be worth it if you can get your wages and a reference. Maybe she was just having a really bad day. Perhaps she’s menopausal! :)
    In other news – sack of crappy coffee shops and become a nail technician! You’d be fab at it! :) xx

  38. Your boss is a cow! First of all, she didnt check it up infront of you so she could of easily lied about it. And secondly you can actually get her done if she does give you a bad reference. In a reference, it has to be all good news.

    She’s a cow and I hope you get the other job xxx

  39. I agree with goose girl and xladx. Firstly, if she was paying you cash in hand then she was probably not declaring it to the tax man and you could get her in trouble with that.
    Also, xladx is correct, you are not allowed to give negative references, the worse she could do is to refuse to give a reference.

    hope it all gets sorted soon

  40. I agree with goose girl and xladx. Firstly, if she was paying you cash in hand then she was probably not declaring it to the tax man and you could get her in trouble with that.
    Also, xladx is correct, you are not allowed to give negative references, the worse she could do is to refuse to give a reference.

    hope it all gets sorted soon

  41. I agree with goose girl and xladx. Firstly, if she was paying you cash in hand then she was probably not declaring it to the tax man and you could get her in trouble with that.
    Also, xladx is correct, you are not allowed to give negative references, the worse she could do is to refuse to give a reference.

    hope it all gets sorted soon

  42. I kind of related to your story. Something similar happened to me a few years ago. And there is one thing I can tell you, if you were not legally employed, your ex-boss surely can have trouble because of that. She is not supposed to employ someone “under the table”. And if you are aware of other irregularities, you could put her in trouble. Remember that!

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