Dupe Alert! Illamasqua Obey & Barry M 147

I’ve had Illamasqua’s Obey lipstick for a few months now. I’d never had a Barry M lipstick before though, until I decided on a whim to pick one up with the Superdrug gift card that the wonderful Kim gave me for my birthday (thank you!). I went with 147 as it was the only colour that really appealed to me. I have so many lipsticks that I have plenty of similar shades, but I didn’t notice this one’s striking resemblance to another in my collection until I got home and wore it!

Illamasqua is on the left, Barry M on the right. You can see that 147 looks a fraction darker in the tube, and also when swatched…

Swatching is where you notice the differences between two lipsticks – although the colours are close enough, Obey is much smoother to apply. 147 drags a little bit, even on the back of the hand but since I apply most (if not all) lipsticks with a brush this isn’t so much of an issue. 147 is also a little more drying on the lips. Obey is not without faults though – I sometimes find the Illamasqua lipsticks to be slightly wobbly in the tube if you twist it up too much, and I actually prefer the smaller, sleeker packaging of Barry M. The bulky square tube is a little too much for me.

In this picture, I’ve actually applied Obey on the left half of my lips and 147 on the right half. Can you really see any discernible difference? I certainly can’t – I even went out with these two different lipsticks on without feeling silly. No one else could possibly know that it’s not the same one all over! What do you think?

Illamasqua lipsticks retail at £15 (available here).
Barry M lipsticks retail at £4.25 (available here).

It’s entirely up to you whether it’s worth paying the extra £10.75 for an extremely similar product by a luxury brand!

17 thoughts on “Dupe Alert! Illamasqua Obey & Barry M 147

  1. I am a fan of luxury brand makeup as I really do believe it is better and there is a lot of evidence too. But Barry M is amazing for the price and I’m a massive fan of the nail polish and dazzle dusts.

  2. How does the lipsticks compare on lips in term of comfort? I’ve never jumped and tried Illamasqua. I’d love to but don’t want to spend 15£ on something I might not wear. I tried Barry M lipsticks and found them to be of a very poor quality. :-/ I picked 3 and could never wear them as their formula is so drying my lips and they feel so uncomfortable. At the end I wasted 14£. :(

  3. @Abby: I thought so too! Haha

    @Adele: Uhmm to an extent yeah, but definitely not as drying as Barry M ones!

    @Sammi: No I totally agree, you can even tell from the swatch that the Illamasqua applies much smoother!

    @Sarah: Yeah I can’t help thinking it would look sooo much better with a tan but I refuse to fake tan and am deathly pale naturally! Haha

    @Ellie: Definitely agree!

    @Sophie: It’s pretty :)

    @Nat: Oh, it’s miles better. Illamasqua ones are just slightly drying, which is in their nature because they’re matte. But much less than Barry M!

    @Kim: Yaaay bargain!


  4. I just want to say I luv this blog it is nail-fucking-tastic, I started reading it yesterday and I made it as far as January 2010(still working on it – bit of make up overload now) But hell I am so going to get some lipsticks (never owned one but I like the ones you have) and more nail polish…. a lot more nail polish! So I thank you although I am sure my wallet will not! -_-

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