Thief on the Rampage

I completely and shamelessly stole this mani off of Scrangie. Months and months ago she posted a picture of Illamasqua’s Rampage topped with my favourite image from Konad plate M63 in silver holo. Now I finally own Rampage, guess what the first thing I did with it was? Yup, completely thieve her idea!

It’s amazing though, right? Rampage is just fantastic. I don’t normally get on well with jelly formulas but this is something else, I tell you. Absolutely PERFECT in two coats. I remembered to take a photo of the colour on its own this time!

Like I said, the Konad image is from plate M63 and I used GOSH Holographic to stamp it. It looks super freaking cool, I forgot how striking it can be to wear a holographic Konad design over a dark polish. I keep moving my hands about to look at the light bouncing off it!

Last night I discovered that Illamasqua’s product amnesty has been extended for a week, it’ll now end on the 7th. I’m REALLY hoping to get the chance to get back to the counter as I want to pick up Velocity, Obsess and Loella next.

17 thoughts on “Thief on the Rampage

  1. Leanne you absolute winner,these are beaut. Damn you.Plzplzplzplzplz do my nails soon? I need to see you pretty much asap anyway, its been at least a month since the body shop event :( xxx

  2. @Jennie: Thankyou :)

    @Zoe: Thank yoouu. Yesss I will! Omg yes, I freaking misssss you! :(

    @Ruth: Hahaha it’s cool I knew what you meant :D thank you!


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