Not So Keen…

…On having to bloody cut my nails again! Just when I’d managed to get them to a reasonable length again, I go and break the middle one right low down and have to chop the rest so it doesn’t look ridiculous. Sigh!

Last night when I did these I thought they looked quite good but it wasn’t until I saw them in natural light this morning that I realised I did a pretty shoddy job! Haha the lighting in my bedroom really is terrible. I forgot how much I love China Glaze Peachy Keen, though! The flowers are from Konad plate M9 and the rhinestones are probably eBay ones, I lose track of things like that ’cause I have so much!

In other news, it’s the 1st of August already… how the bloody hell did that happen? Where has the year gone?! I can’t believe it’s my birthday next Tuesday (the 10th) – I’m not finished being 18 yet! Time’s going too fast :(

14 thoughts on “Not So Keen…

  1. Oh I really really like this mani. I so wish peachy keen worked on my falsies. Also how do you make your rhinestones stay on? mine always come off throughout the day.


  2. @Abbie: Thank you :) haha yeah I know that by most standards they’re not really that short, they just feel short to me!

    @Jo: Thanks :) Why does it not work on them? I drip a little drop of clear polish onto the spot where I want the rhinestone, leave it to get a bit tacky (20-30 seconds) and then stick the rhinestone on and seal with topcoat. They last fine!

    @J: Haha thank you :) it’s ’cause I’ve painted right close to the cuticle on some fingers but left huge gaps on others!

    @Shannon: Thank you :)

    @Fern: Thanks!


  3. They look great!

    I have the same destiny as you. My nails were so great length and I broke one. Completely my own fault! And it looked awful, so I cut all nails short. So I can grow them all long again :)

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