Mono on Pink Mani

Unfortunately, like most of my manicures, this looked a lot better in my head than it did on my nails. But what can you do!

The base colour is Illamasqua Obsess, a VERY bright pink. The black is an old NYC one with no name, just the number 245B on it, and the white is Color Club Alabaster. The rhinestone stickers are from Nailene, part of their Bedazzle Superstar nail art set. The swirly design on the thumb is from BundleMonster plate BM04, the butterfly on my middle finger is from BM06, and the hearts on the ring finger are from BM03. I Did the same designs but in a different order on my right hand.

Hope you like!

16 thoughts on “Mono on Pink Mani

  1. by jove.. that is incredible. you did a FABULOUS job! i love the swirls, the perfectly placed polka dottyness, the amazzzzzing explosion of pink .. everything!! xxx

  2. @Shirley: Daww thank you lovely :)

    @Alice: Thanks!

    @Laura: Thank you :) haha, it did!

    @Jules: Haha daww thank you cheeky chops! Damn I want to do a mani named Pink Explosion now!

    @Pinkhair: YAY for pink! Thanks :)

    @Kim: Thanks :) it sure is. But you’re not allowed to spend any more money! ;P

    @Liloo: Thank you! :)


  3. @Mansikka: Thank you!

    @Milly: Haha thank you cupcake :)

    @Freshie: Thank you!

    @May: Thanks lovely :)

    @Shortiee31: I’ve never paid full price for an Illamasqua polish, I only ever buy them when I can get them cheaper than RRP! Haha but shhh ;P thank you!


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