You are all cordially invited…

…To a memorial service for my poor nails. *Swallows lump in throat*

So I did it – I chopped down my precious talons. I know I’m just being dramatic, but they just look so awful to me! I’m so used to having long nails that I feel my fingers just look like sausage links now :(

Pathetic fallacy was abundant yesterday and today – I felt miserable after losing my long nails and it has been pouring with rain accordingly! So I guessed it was as good a time as any to try out Eyeko’s new Rain Polish. I won’t bore you with swatches, you’ve seen plenty I’m sure, but I’ll offer my two pence: The formula’s a winner but I don’t think the colour is as amazing as everyone else seems to! I like that it’s got a slight shimmer, but really it’s just a grey. Don’t get me wrong, I like it – I just don’t get what all the fuss is about! As for Saucy polish, it’s the same as it ever was (I have a mega old post including it here), just your basic red. To be honest I think it would have been a much better move on Eyeko’s part to repromote Pastel Polish from their original collection, that was a truly beautiful colour and would have really benefited from an improved formula and packaging. Anyone agree?

So as I was saying, I was being a total drama queen about my nails so sulkily did some very half arsed nail art over Eyeko Rain Polish. I literally just splattered Barry M Grey and MaxFactor Disco Pink onto the nails and dragged it out a bit with a dotting tool. It looked seriously crapola until I added China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat, but I’m still not loving it.

I plan to redo them tomorrow – I’m coming to terms with the shorties and intend to use this stumpy period to play about with Konad designs instead. *Sigh* in lieu of flowers, please send donations to a socially concious charity of your choice.

(Yes, I just quoted Glee.)

20 thoughts on “You are all cordially invited…

  1. awwww LEELEE! i am mourning for you too, you’re clearly anguished about it :( they will grow!! your fabulous nails will grow back to their maximum fabulousity soon! i promise :D
    PLUS they look SOOOO snazzy, looks like awesome paint splatters – loving the pink + grey colour combo!

  2. I like the nails ‘short’! Those would be long nails to me!
    I’m loving the nail art too – Immediatley caught my eye on the blog roll.

  3. Awwwww babe… even though they still look gorgeous and long to us (same size as my falsies ha) I’ll still come to the funeral of the chop offs :( we’ll bury them and cry together, we can get Sarah mad head to do a reading for us!


  4. Ooooh if this is how your nails look short, I sure major envy you your nail-giftedness!!! They look gorgeous even at that length!
    And I like the nail art, looks very painterly. I’d be very happy if I could come up with something like that, but I never could.

  5. I love the effect you’ve done there! I might try to re-create it on my nails.

    If anyone else is thinking of doing the same (or just buying something from Eyeko) you can currently get a free gift with any order totalling £10+ from! If anyone’s interested you just need to enter the code E10222 at the checkout :)

  6. @Jules: Daww you are a sweetie pie, thank you! I love pink and grey together :D

    @Georgie: I thought so too, thank you :)

    @Rebecca: Haha have you not seen how long they were before? I’m used to ridiculous talons!

    @Phoebe: Thank you :)

    @Louise: Haha everyone’s saying that! Thanks :)

    @May: Thank you, I know they normally grow pretty quickly, I’m just impatient!

    @Rachel: Haha, daww thank you :)

    @Abbie: Hahaaa I’m really bad at taking care of them, I’m a smoker which doesn’t help with their condition and colour so I probably wouldn’t be a good person to give out nailcare advice!


  7. @Sinead: Thank you lovely :)

    @Jo: Jesus Christ I wouldn’t trust Sarah to read anything at a funeral, she’d starting fucking laughing or something hahaha!

    @Jo.frougal: Haha daww, thank you very much :)

    @Jen: Hahaha oh you do make me laugh :) thank you

    @Acestac: Thanks – you don’t even need to spend £10 to get free gifts, there’s tons of Ambassador Codes floating around the internet that entitle you to a free gift with any purchase.

    @Bicky: THAN*. Love you. ;P

  8. I love how you find your nails so short, here, when that’s the length I’m aspiring to! (My nails have the free edge -free- for the first time in about 2 years)

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