The MAC Rodarte Drama

Every opinion I have on this issue has been voiced elsewhere, so I don’t feel the need to write a long post. Feel free to skip over this post completely if you’re already totally familiar with what’s going on and have seen enough, or indeed if you’re not interested at all. I just think EVERYONE should know about this, even if opinions differ!

Liloo has put together a list of everyone who’s posted on the matter and I’ve taken it upon myself to pass it on through my blog to the handful of you who might not have seen!

The Beauty Button
Beauty Junkie London
The Beauty Mouth
Beauty Blog Roll
Beauty Blogging Blonde
Big Fashionista
British Beauty Blogger
Ditzy Makeup
The Fashion Freak
Get Lippie
Just Nice Things
Katie Chutzpah
Konglish Beauty
Le Salon de Beaute
Lady of the Lane
Le Petit Jardin de Liloo
London Beauty Queen
London Makeup Girl
Mizzworthy (I highly recommend giving this one a read if you only read one)
Miss Ellie
Of Faces and Fingers
Perfectly Polished
So Far So Chic
Sparkle and Shade
Strawberry Mochi
Vex in the City
Wande’s World

Any of the bloggers above would really appreciate you adding your two cents to their writings.

I realise that I’ve now had two posts in a row about tragic things in the world… I promise Do Not Refreeze is not becoming my proverbial soapbox, in fact I’m about to post a new nail design right after publishing this. Just so you know!

4 thoughts on “The MAC Rodarte Drama

  1. Thanks for this post, I had a very brief knowledge of the horrific situation in Juarez but had no idea of the inappropriate MAC-Rodarte campaign. I’m completely gobsmacked about this!

  2. Thank you for this post, and for the kind comment about mine – we have to keep making our feelings known about this! Whichever side of the debate people are on, get involved!

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