The Illamasqua Make Up Amnesty

Illamasqua wants you to ‘ditch the make-up drudgery and embrace the extraordinary‘. We’d all love to do that, right? But Illamasqua isn’t exactly a budget brand… well for a fortnight, you can bag yourself a great saving with their product amnesty!

Apologies if you’ve already heard a lot about this, but hopefully this can benefit a handful of people who’ve not heard.

Between the 17th and 31st of July, you can exchange your old, unused, boring makeup for a generous 25% discount on any Illamasqua product. The products you bring in for exchange can be from any brand and in any condition; broken, smashed, nearly empty, dried out, gloopy, you name it: if it’s useless to you, swap it for money off Illamasqua!

This will work in accordance with the amount of products you bring with you – for example, if you bring in 3 unwanted products you will get 25% off any 3 Illamasqua products. However if you only bring one product, and want to purchase more than one Illamasqua item, the 25% discount will only apply to one product and not the transaction as a whole. Do you get what I mean? I didn’t fully understand it so I asked Alex at Illamasqua to explain it to me and that’s the simplest way I can describe it!

So, will you be skipping off to your nearest counter to trade some stuff? This is especially great if you’re an Illamasqua newbie – at 25% off, you’ve got not excuse not to try at least one thing! I highly recommend the pure pigments, but then there’s the cult liquid metals, or fantastic nail polishes, or beautiful lipsticks, or amazing blushes… I think I’m gonna have to control myself!

Unfortunately this offer is not available on – it will be available at Selfridges Oxford Street, Trafford Centre, Birmingham Bullring, Fenwick Newcastle, BT2 Grafton Street Dublin, Debenhams Glasgow, Belfast and Cardiff.

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