Summer Gradient Revisited!

You might remember my Summer Gradient NOTD from about a month ago – I was stuck for ideas of what to do with my nails and decided I really liked the colour combination of that one – nice and bright and summery!

Exactly the same polishes as before – Sleek Lilac, Sleek Tuquoise and China Glaze Sugar High, plus black nail art pen and China Glaze Wireless Holographic topcoat :) only difference which made it worth posting is that I did zebra stripes on the top half of the nails as opposed to the stripes and butterflies of the old mani.

Another reason I decided on this one is I wanted something I knew would look good with the Wireless topcoat, because ALL my plain clear topcoats (Seche, Poshe, OPI DS.. even the cheapy ones too) have thickened up beyond use. Very annoying, but this morning I ordered a bottle of Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff quick dry topcoat after seeing Jo sing its praises!

What are you sporting on your nails at the moment?

16 thoughts on “Summer Gradient Revisited!

  1. Oo purdy :) I am yet to get the hang of this gradient malarky. I’ll give it a try when my nails have grown a bit more :D xx

  2. @Jen: Agreed! And I’m too tight to buy Restore ;P

    @JC: Thank you!

    @Kim: Thanks :3 yes try it, you’ll kick ass ;D

    @Beauty’s Bad Habit: Thank you – daww that’s a shame, I like raspberry colours!

    @Dee: Thank you :) it’s from Sleek MakeUP. Yeah green polish did the same to my nails about a year ago and it still hasn’t grown out properly…

    @Rachel: Ooh glad I’ve heard a second opinion on it now :D thanks

    @Madi: Thank you lovely, but it’s nothing compared to your crazy makeup skills!

    @Louise: Thank yoouu!


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