Sort it out, ELF!

Spot last week’s zebra and pink nail art!

I’ve only ever tried a few bits and pieces from E.L.F. as to be quite honest, most of the range has ever really excited or appealed to me. The things I have tried, however, I absolutely LOVE and use on a mostly daily basis – their flat top powder brush, their HD powder, and their eyelash curlers are pretty fab too since they only cost pennies. For that reason I was very pleased to be able to try out their Mineral Infused Primer. I’ve never actually used a face primer before (aside from one time with L’Oreal Studio Secrets’ one, but I HATED that and passed it quickly onto Kim!), so it was a new thing for me really.

I love what this product does for my face makeup – it glides on more smoothly, it stays put for longer etc etc. Essentially everything a primer should do, so that’s great. But after just a couple of weeks of use, the pump stopped giving me any product! It just made a tired little ‘pfffft’ noise and splattered a few drops on the back of my hand. I was incensed at the prospect that it had ran out that quickly, so I screwed the top off to discover THIS fuckery!

You might not be able to see too well in the top picture, but there is TONS of product left in there. Months and months worth – but there’s no way the pump can pick it up from the sides of the bottle because the pump is made of hard plastic, not the bendy tube kind. It’s a massive inconvenience to have to unscrew the top and poke the end of the pump around in there to get some product out each morning. What the hell were you thinking, E.L.F.? Massive shame because the product is good!

I haven’t seen packaging fuckery of this magnitude since UDPP. Speaking of which, did you know they’ve given into to consumer demand and are going to change the packaging to a squeeze tube? Rejoice! Check out Vex in the City for a little more info. Now let’s hope E.L.F. follow suit!

13 thoughts on “Sort it out, ELF!

  1. First off, absoulutly love your nails! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Secondly, I’ve been interested in this primer for a while and now I want to try it after reading this, but obviuously the dodgy messed up packaging is putting me off :(


  2. I found this product very similar to GOSH Velvet Touch primer, but there isn’t any packaging fuckery with GOSH! What I eventually did with this one was break the bottle and decant the remaining primer into a little tub. It was a hassle though, so I’ll be sticking with GOSH from now on :)

  3. Great nails. I don’t think this a problem unique to ELF.
    It’s an inherent fault of this pump design IMHO.
    I’m used to just taking the top off things and scratching around so it doesn’t bug me. Just one of those things. I’d be cross if it were an expensive item.

    On a positive note the ELF corrective palette is fabulous! And the quality of the compact is superb. It closes with a hugely satisfying clunk.

    So I’d say: Be nice to ELF. Forgive them because they’re really quite good.

    Oh, and I love the Desert Haze polish.

  4. I used to use Veet, and it had the same packaging problem, the worst thing being that taking the whole lid off the bottle created the most horrible /smell/…

  5. I have this primer, and am on my third bottle now and have this problem with every single one. Cos I think this primer’s the best, I put up with it… However, I did contact ELF about it and no one ever got back to me about it! xx

  6. It really is the most annoying thing! I’m on my second tub as I got fed up of trying to scrape things inside the first. My solution though is to saw off the top section of the tub. Iv given onto my boyfriend to cut in half at work for me hehe. That’s the only way I can think of resolving the packaging fuck up! xx

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