Pink Punch

I’m not normally one for buying neon nail polishes, mainly because I’m so pale and think they look pants on me – would be fine with a tan but not on my normal milky complexion, and I’ve never had a tan in my life (real or fake!)!

But Sarah gave me a bottle of Model’s Own Pink Punch, so of course there was no harm in trying!

I actually really liked the colour – although I definitely wouldn’t call it pink. Coral Punch doesn’t really have the same ring to it admittedly, but it’s certainly more of a neon coral than pink. Application was better than I expected, there was a bit of visible nail line going on after 2 coats but I couldn’t be bothered with a third and I don’t think it was noticeable!

To add some extra summery-ness, I dusted off my Konad stuff and added some gold flowers – I think the plate is M78, I did lots of multiple stamping in China Glaze Passion. Also, I’m trying out a new quick dry topcoat – Sally Hansen’s Teflon Tuff. It does it’s job but it’s thin; I’m used to much thicker topcoats so didn’t realise that the thin consistency would cause my stamping to smear! I’ll be more light handed next time, hopefully it wasn’t noticeable.

What are your thoughts on neon polishes? I liked this one but remain convinced it would look SO much better with a tan!

This mani was actually from Wednesday – tomorrow (Monday) I’m gonna have to cut my precious nails down ’cause of breakages… Watch this space :(

P.S. I know you’ve all probably seen a whole shit ton of posts on the two new Eyeko polishes so please say in the comments here if you’d rather I didn’t post about them, or at least left it a while. And of course please say if you’d like me to do them ASAP – there’s a slim chance that a few of you might not have seen them yet!

14 thoughts on “Pink Punch

  1. This is gorgeous. A bit bright for my taste but you pull it off :)

    I’v seen a fair bit on eyekos new polishes but yours are always different because of what you can do with your nails so it’d be cool to see what you think of them and how they work for you :) xx

  2. I hate tans. SO Essex-girl.
    Like the mani. Even if the colour isn’t knock-out gorgeous the execution is perfect so, as ever, top of the class.
    And the new Eyeko blue (Rain?) is so lovely that I’m happy to see it again.

  3. Well if you can do some sort of nail arty thing with both eyeko colours then you can be really smug that your pics will be better than everyone elses. My mum has all my products sent to her house so I think she may have taken my eyeko polishes hostage anyway so dunno if I will be able to do pics or not haha! She has nails like yours (then again she doesn’t have to type all day like I do)so she loves nail varnish x

  4. I do prefer pastel shades for nail polish this summer rather than Neon. However, spotted a neon pink Barry M nail varnish over the weekend and picked it up after debating for all of 2 minutes! I go on holiday soon, so thought I’d give it a try towards the end of my hol when im hopefully tanned.

    Oh and I would like to see more reviews on the Eyeko polishes please :)

  5. @Madi: Oh shush you shameless flatterer! ;P Hehe thank you!

    @girlinthecity: Thanks :)

    @Kim: In that case, you need this one!

    @Freshie: Yeah it does, I hadn’t really thought about it like that :) thanks

    @Abby: Yeah I’m not normally a big fan of brights either but I surprisingly like this one! Daww thank you, okay I’ll try and get round to Eyeko today then :)

    @Jen: Hey, I’m an Essex girl! Although I’m certainly not common. Thanks very much!

    @Sarah: Haha I’m not sure how well they go together :) your mother is a polish fiend!

    @Laura: So do I usually – I bet bright pink will look fab with a tan too!

    @Beautyandthebeast: Hehe glad to know there’s some other ghosties out there who shun fake tan! Thank you


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