New Blogger on the Block: The M Face!

Allow me to introduce you to Madeline, the prodigy behind The M Face. Only 16 years old, Madi has some CRAZY good makeup skills. Everything she does is really original and well thought out, I’ve never read one of her blog posts that didn’t make my jaw hang open a bit. Madi kindly agreed to a feature here on my blog, so with no further delay let’s learn a bit about this little stunner!

:: Hi Madi! Tell us a bit about yourself – tell us a secret!
Hi! Well I’m Madi, I’m your average teenager with just a bit of a creative mind! I am a film junkie, give me a few Hitchcock films and you won’t see me for a few days :) I only discovered I was good at make-up a few months ago, when I thought I’d give it a try, so I’m still learning! I love to dress up, every where I go I am slightly overdressed, but that’s just how I like it! :) A secret? Humm, that’s hard! How about…when I was 5 I stole some chewing gem from my local shop and I felt so guilty that the next time I went to the shop I hid the chewing gum behind the bonbons, what a secret to tell!

:: What made you start blogging, and what are you enjoying about it so far?
About two years ago I started to watch youtube videos and then I discovered blogs, it was completely fascinated my the skills that some people had, i got fixed on blogs and religiously followed a few, until i finally decided to take a risk and start my own. At the beginning I never really got into blogging and I was a bit of a slacker :) But it’s only when I entered a few contests and experimented with make-up that I found out I had a creative side! It’s from all of my lovely followers support and comments that make me more creative and bolder! I love the fact that it’s such a tight community on blogger and there are so many different types of girlies that are all brought together by the same love of make-up and fashion!

Yes, those are freaking diamantes on her lips. How cool?!

:: Your makeup looks are just crazy creative – where do you draw most inspiration from?
Thank you! I love to give something new and fresh to the blogging world and experiment with new ideas and concepts! My imagination comes from the world around me and what happens in it! A lot of the time I’ll have a dream which inspires my make-up or a look just pops into my head. Sounds kinda odd, I know but I think that everyone has their own little ways of getting inspired and mine is by dreaming…humm?! But I do love the looks where you just let your mind do what it wants to do, the spur-of-the-moment looks, because you never know what you’ll end up looking like!

:: What do you do when you’re not blogging and creating makeup masterpieces?
Hehe, well I do love a bit of the ol’ drama, it is definitely my biggest passion in life. I try to fill my time with performances and auditions to help me in later life. But when I’m not working I love to fill my time with whatever possible, I get bored very easily! I am a massive cup cake fan, our house is always filled with my freshly baked cup cakes and brownies! In the summer I spend a lot of time sailing, which is great for topping up the tan!

And this is what Madi did to make use of a cracked mirror… amazing!

:: Give us an insight to some of your hopes and dreams, where do you want to go in life?
Once I leave high school I hope to study drama in London, I’d love to be able to perform on the west-end although I can’t sing. Which probably doesn’t help! I’d also love to star in period dramas and for people to see my name on a massive billboard! Sounds cliche I know! However since starting my blog and getting more and more creative I’ve thought about my future with make-up, I’d love to do make-up for photo shoots, but give my creative side! Maybe I could do both acting and make-up on a film set?! I’d love to live in New York, but I’m not sure that’ll ever happen! Oh and I’d love to own a little cupcake shop in Greenwich village in New York, 3 very different careers!

Thank you so much to Madi for a wonderful interview! So if you’re ever in need of a bit of jaw dropping inspiration, don’t hesitate to skip over to Madi’s blog!

The M Face

4 thoughts on “New Blogger on the Block: The M Face!

  1. Aww I love this girlie’s blog and her creative ideas! She is absoulutley amazing at make-up and always inspires me to experiment more with makeup :) Shes got an amazing future ahead of her :) xx

    Nicola xo

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