I know you must get sick of me being a silly fangirl but basically I think Illamasqua is the stuff of legends. I will further demonstrate this to you with another knockout polish, very aptly named Muse.

In Greek Mythology, muses are the goddesses or spirits that inspire creativity in arts or literature for example. Some of the more well known muses are Thalia (the muse of comedy), Clio (history) and Euterpe (music) – Illamasqua should be the muse of nail polish formulation. Srsly.

Muse isn’t the sort of colour I’d normally go for but I’m SO glad I did. It’s very different to everything I own, and the formula is the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I’m still a big fan of China Glaze’s formula but this is just awesome. Please note I’ve never used Chanel polishes or anything like that so I couldn’t compare, but these are more than good enough for me. It glides on perfectly and if I was paying enough attention it would have been a one-coater but I always prefer two just to make sure. It dries quickly to a high gloss finish.

Stupidly, I forgot to take a photo on it’s own but you still get a good idea of the colour. I fancied stamping some gold onto it so I used China Glaze Passion and Konad plate M65. This mani really reminds me of something, but I can’t think what it is… Hmm.

I tell you what… Illamasqua nail polishes want to have a bloody good formula for £13. Haha

19 thoughts on “Mythology

  1. Great mani.
    Illamasqua Rare was unadulterated crapola – even for a neon.
    I now have Prism which is effective and Force as yet untried.
    I bought all these reduced.
    £13 I shall not pay.
    BUT I may one day break my own rule and get RAMPAGE. I TOTALLY LOVE THAT.

  2. The konad design reminds of wall paper by William Morris! The gold looks great against the Illamasqua polish. Think I might have a look in the ASOS sale for one as I haven’t tried them before :) xxx

  3. @Jen: Yeah, I’m not normally a fan of neons, they are notoriously difficult to work with regardless of the brand. I refuse to pay £13 either, I got this 25% off! I got Rampage too, I can’t WAIT to use it!

    @missmascara1983: Thank you!

    @Sinead: Thank you lovely :)

    @Gemma: Haha daww thank you!

    @LadyBugSays: Oooh yeah! Maybe that’s what it was making me think of but I couldn’t put my finger on it :)

    @welldressedbeauty: Hahaha thank you :D

    @Katy: Oh yeah! I totally see it :) there’s another image on one of the Konad plates that really reminds me of Art Deco wallpaper too :) you should definitely try them, they’re amazing.

    @Rachel: Thank you :D

    @E: Daww thanks :)

    @Emma: Thank you my ginger muffin!


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