Kryolan Eyeshadow Base vs. Urban Decay Primer Potion

I’ve been using Urban Decay Primer Potion for about a year and have never had any problems with it (apart from the obvious packaging niggle, but I depotted and it’s fine), but at the IMATS back in January I picked up Kryolan Eyeshadow Base, just for the sake of trying something new. I had high hopes for it being SUPER durable as Kryolan is a theatrical makeup brand.

Initially, I really liked it – I especially loved that it was in a squeezy tube, that certainly gave it an edge over the troublesome UDPP. It’s a nice creamy consistency, and there was no difference between the two regarding ease of blending eyeshadows. But now, finally, as I’ve been meaning to do for absolutely ages, I’ve done a longevity comparison! Yesterday morning I applied UDPP to my right eye, and Kryolan Eyeshadow Base to be left eye then went about the rest of my routine as normal. Nothing special in the eyeshadow department I’m afraid, just a quick slick from my Inglot palette for the purposes of this experiment!

Here’s how they looked immediately after application – more or less the same, no discernable difference in vibrancy or anything.

I did originally intend to take update pics at 3 hours, but it honestly looked no different at all to the original photos. I hadn’t done much in those three hours, just lazed about reading blogs and chilling with a cold drink and Ideal Home magazine! A little later on, I took the dog for a walk like I do every day, it was VERY hot. Here’s the progress after 6 hours:

You can see that the eye with UDPP is still in pretty much perfect condition, but the Kryolan side is suffering some serious oiliness, some creasing and fading. Uh oh! And here, at 8 hours…

Still, the UDPP is alive and kicking. Kryolan has had it though! It’s almost all disappeared apart from what’s migrated in my eye crease. Sexy! And finally, 10 hours.

Clearly, UDPP was the shining victor! I must say though, I never really had any issues with Kryolan’s longevity in the winter months, it’s just melting away like no one’s business now it’s warmed up in England. I am shocked though – considering Kryolan is a theatrical makeup brand you would assume that an eye primer would be designed to withstand intense heat from stage lighting and so on, but it can’t deal with a bit of the British Summertime? For real? Come on, Kryolan!

I’m not gonna throw it away, I like the product and like I said it was fine in the colder months, but I doubt I’ll be repurchasing. UDPP will always be my favourite!

7 thoughts on “Kryolan Eyeshadow Base vs. Urban Decay Primer Potion

  1. Oh dear, you’d think it’s be amazing! Great review, thank you for this! It confirms that we maye shouldn’t always be looking for better when something already works so well! xx

  2. Trusty UDPP :D It lasts for ages! I’ve been using mine almost every day since October and still not needed to de-pot… I got the Hall of Fame gift set with the extra large size UDPP all for £17 with lots of other goodies. Well worth it! hxx

  3. @Dee: Yes definitely, it’s awesome :)

    @Thiamere: Thank you!

    @Peachykeen: You’re welcome – exactly, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Lesson learned :)

    @Kimberly: Hahaha yeah I dread to imagine!

    @Pandez: Bloody hell that’s a good deal! I just got the regular sized one for £11 about a year ago, I’ve depotted but there is LOADS left!


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