Fancy doing a good deed?

Newsflash, bloggerettes! The wonderful May, of May Loves Makeup has come up with a fantastic idea. A charity blog sale! A handful of us are already lending a hand during the planning stages, and frankly the more the merrier!

(Click the pic to go straight to May’s post!)

May is looking for anything and everything to help – I’m sure each and every one of you at least has an idea to help a good cause! For example…

:: Nominating charities for the proceeds to be donated to
:: Donating items for sale – that includes any PR that might be reading this, May would love for you to get involved!
:: Donating hand crafted items or artwork, I know there’s a lot of you out there who kick creative ass!
:: People with graphic design skills could donate themselves to produce personalised blog headers/layouts etc
:: People with any more ideas who want to get involved!

If you think you could help in any way shape or form, even if it’s just a tiny little idea, I’d be really grateful if you could pop over to May’s blog and lend a hand. I’ll keep you updated when news comes in! Thanks girlies x

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