Can you say ‘bling’?

Before I post my latest nails, just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of days – the power of blogging has forced MAC into changing the product names of the Rodarte for MAC collection and a $100k donation will be made. You can read more on Temptalia. $100k is a tiny, pathetic donation from MAC but hey, at least it’s a bit of a result. I still will be bypassing the collection. I didn’t post all my opinions on the matter since they were all covered by other bloggers which I linked to, but I am definitely proud to be part of a community that can make a difference when we all come together. High five, girls! Now onto a lighter note… BLING!

In the last few days I’ve been reading some Japanese nail art magazines (well, looking at the pictures…). Most of what they’re into is super long acrylic or gel 3D junk nails, but I have come across a handful of nicer designs. They REALLY like their rhinestones over there, and this design was inspired by that! A lot more OTT than I’m used to, but I actually kinda like it! I underestimated how much hassle striping tape would be though, I’d never actually used it before. I took photos last night when I’d finished it because I had a horrible feeling it wasn’t going to last very well overnight!

Well, nothing fell off but I’m gonna have to be extra careful with them today. Oh, and the base colour is Nails Inc/Diet Coke London. What do you think? A bit too much for you? X

19 thoughts on “Can you say ‘bling’?

  1. Love it!!! Probably a bit too much for me to even attempt myself and no doubt the tape would come off or Harvey would spot the tape and the rhinestones and want to play with my fingers all day… but I think it looks wicked! Job well done babe.


  2. Looks good.
    Not meant to be practical.
    I wouldn’t like the feel of the tape or the stones. I don’t even like long nails so this wouldn’t work for me. I just admire it on you.

  3. @Jo: Thanks hun – hahaha yeah I can’t imagine it being too practical with a littl’un!

    @Jen: Thanks – exactly! I’m not super keen on the feel of the stones and don’t plan to keep this on for long, it was more of an experiment than anything else!

    @Cel: Thank you :) the Japanese go crazy with their nail art don’t they!

    @Charlie: Thanks :)

    @May: Thank you lovely!

    @Lola: I’m sure this would work on shorter nails, I see no reason why not! It’s a fun design :) not the most practical though!


  4. I love it. I’m going to try this today. I am probably going to use glitter nail polish in place of the tape because I don’t have the tape. It’s a very pretty design.

  5. Okay, i scrolled down after the previous nail art and was even more blown away…i have to say this one is actually my favourite! seriously pretty :)

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