Space Nails – BYS Glam Glitter revisited!

Way back in January, I raved about BYS Glam Glitter nail polishes. They really are sooo cool, but I’m so lazy with polish removal that I’ve not touched them again in all these months. I hate mucking about with hard-to-remove polishes and I’m too lazy to do the foil thing. Shame really, ’cause I neglect really amazing polishes like China Glaze Atlantis! Anyway…

Last night I spent close to two hours staring at my polish collection. NOTHING was jumping out at me, I didn’t want to wear any of them >___

If you’re a relatively new follower (i.e. didn’t see my older post about these), and you’re in the UK, you can get the BYS Glam Glitters from here for £2.50 each. While you’re there, I also recommend BYS Pink Panic, an amazing hot neon pink!

Oh and the eagle eyed among you might have noticed that my ring fingernail is shorter than the others. Yeah I broke it >___
Hope you’re all alright! x

17 thoughts on “Space Nails – BYS Glam Glitter revisited!

  1. I had Dazzling from this collection. A green one. I didn’t LOVE it. I respected it for being unique. It has gone to someone who should appreciate it more.

  2. Ooh thats pretty i think i’m gonna buy some :)
    I’m the same with glitters, i just bought the 2 glitters from the Alice in wonderland collection and i know i’m never gonna wear them

  3. @Jen: I have that one too :) I have 4 of them, Jacie from You’ve Got Nail sent them to me in a swap!

    @Gemma: Mad, isn’t it?!

    @Laura: Thank you!

    @Jules: Teeheehee, *nonchalant whistle*

    @Vegesauras: Thank you :) they’re really different aren’t they! Please link me to show me if you get some :) yeah I’m the same, I just never buy glitters anymore!

    @Baby D: Thanks – yeah I can see them looking really cool on you actually!

    @Lucy: Thank you! Ugghh yeah when I look at the bottle and think about wearing it, I always think ‘ahhh it’s not worth it’ but when I convince myself to put it on, I think this is worth it!


  4. @Niky: Thank you!

    @Kishmat: Haha I already removed them, it was a bit of a pain in the bum but not too bad!

    @Charlie: Dooo it :)

    @May: Thank you!

    @Cameron: Thanks :)

    @Liloo: Daww you are sweet, thank you!


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