Om nom nom, cupcake nails!

Ages ago, Kim and I were talking about trying out cupcake nails like ones we’d seen floating about the internet. I didn’t save any but I’m sure the one I tried to recreate from my memory was either on Tumblr or WeHeartIt. As far as I know, Kim never got round to it either but I randomly decided last night was the time to do it!

So yeah, just pointing out that in NO WAY am I claiming this to be an original design. ‘Kay? :)

5th December 2011: Edit just in case anyone ever reads back this far. The person who originally came up with this design commented on the post with her link (Supa Nails) so full credit to Supa Nails.

The China Glaze Up & Away collection proved itself very useful for this design. I started off with 2 coats of Refresh Mint, then used a nail art brush with Sugar High to create the wiggly lines for icing, then filled in the top part with the brush from the bottle.

Once that was all dry, I added little dashes with a nail art brush to make hundreds and thousands :) the colours I used for that were Lemon Fizz and Peachy Keen from the Up & Away collection, and Sleek’s Turquoise.

Sorry about all the changes in lighting, I did these at about 9.30 last night so the sun was setting, and the photo of the completed design was taken this morning!

I think they look really cute and nummy :3 although I must confess, I’m much more of a muffin person than a cupcake person, all that icing is way too sickly for me!

Have a great weekend girls xo

28 thoughts on “Om nom nom, cupcake nails!

  1. Laura: Thank you! Can’t wait to see if you do :D

    @Nicola: Thanks :)

    @Roz: Haha me too and I don’t even really like cupcakes!

    @Jules: Mmm nom nom nom! Thanks :)

    @Sarah: You could if you tried!

    @Vegesauras: YES that’s the one!! Thank you :D I’ll stick that link in the post!


  2. @Jen: Yeah it’s got a topcoat on, I think it’s just the lighting more than anything :)

    @Jellynat & Gemma: Thank you!

    @Kim: Dooo it! I want to see :D

    @Laura: Thank you :) and you’re most welcome!

    @PaintAwayGirls & Fern: Thank you :)

    @Rebecca: Hahaha sorry! :D

    @Bicky: OKAY :D

    @Cameron: Thanks :)

    @Sarah: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! *Nag nag nag* lmao :D I’m quite good at doing my right hand now!


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