More sponge fun!

I appear to have started a bit of a trend with my gradient nail designs – I was so excited when both Sian and Milly tried their hand at it! So, yesterday, I felt like playing with the good ol’ sponge applicators in a different way, rather than creating the gradient up the nail.

When I posted a preview of this on Twitter, Lydia asked if I could do a tutorial for these nails. The best I can do right now is a mini tutorial because the only picture I took apart from the final result was at the halfway point, but I’m sure you can get the idea!

I started off with two coats of China Glaze Sugar High. Then, similarly to how I describe in my other gradient nail art tutorial, I sponged on Turquoise by Sleek. Rather than sponging down the nail from the tip, though, I just dabbed randomly over the nail, being sure to let some pink still show through. Then I repeated this with a white polish by Vital. This is what it looked like at the halfway point!

Like the sponged gradient designs, I think this looks pretty cool on it’s own but you know me, I had to put something over it. Cue Konad! I’m sure you know by now that the zebra print comes from plate M57, and the polish I used was Color Club Dark Romance. Add topcoat, et voila! I think this random sponged effect makes a really cool backdrop for foreground designs :)

Really hope you enjoyed! :D

20 thoughts on “More sponge fun!

  1. Tut… wish I had talent like that! :( haha. Might have a go at that gradient thiny magik later though when the kids are in bed.


  2. Yikes! That’s just magical! I love it! *mentally adds another nail design idea to the list!*
    Thanks for the mention pumpkin 
    I am really enjoying all this nail art malarkey!!

  3. @Charlie: Thank you :)

    @Olivia: Yay, thanks!

    @Jo: Haha daww I’m not talented, it’s just my little hobby! Definitely have a go though, I’d LOVE to see :D

    @Gemma: Thank you :)

    @May: Daww thank you, silly thing!

    @Shifa: Yay, thank you :)

    @Dee: Thanks :D glad you like it!

    @Milly: Thank yoouu :) can’t wait to see what you do next! I just love nail art so much :)


  4. @Jen: Haha daww, you shameless flatterer, you!

    @Mychau: Thank you! Please show me when you try it :)

    @Bicky: Yesss you do you do!

    @Rachel: Daww thank you! :)


  5. I love this, it’s such a fun look! I’ve been wanting the Konad stamps for ages, every time I see one of your posts I want them a little bit more! I have serious lemmings for the M57 plate :)

  6. I do absolutely love this! Definitely need to have a go myself, i’ve admired for long enough :) will obviously post pics when i do! xx

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