Free Love Friday 11

:: Oxford Jasmine has a bloody good rant about mascara adverts.

:: Check out BeautyJunkieLondon’s thought provoking post about product textures.

:: The beautifully brash Yinka of Vex in the City gives us a warning of the next potential designer craze – Dior contact lenses, surely not!

:: Claire @ Simpy Be-You-Tiful returns to the blogosphere with a great post about cuticle care!

:: The sweetheart that is May beams a little ray of sunshine into the blogging world and it couldn’t be more welcome!

:: In fact, I had to include another post by May because her jet setting nails are AMAZING! :D

:: Madeline from The M Face has a crazy cool look to showcase using feathers!

Feel free to link to your favourite posts from the last week or two in the comments!

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