Eastern inspired nails and thank you!

Holy freaking cow. I hadn’t noticed my followers creeping up so much – this morning I woke up to 701 of you! Thank you so much you lovely lovely people :) I’m not gonna write an Oscar acceptance speech but it’s really great to know that there’s SEVEN HUNDRED of you who like my nail designs and want to read what I have to say!

Fittingly, to celebrate a cool milestone, I have a nail design here to show you that I’m REALLY proud of – I do think it’s one of my better manicures! Really hope you like. I didn’t have much of a plan in my head when I started this design but when it was finished it really made me think of Japan and China and cherry blossoms :) I feel like I should have done a tutorial really ’cause it was a lot easier than it looks. Hope you enjoy regardless!

After my base of Nails Inc/Diet Coke London had dried, I went in with a black striper to do all the random lines. Once the lines were dry I used my largest dotting tool to create the mauve flowers with Trick from George@Asda. With the same colour, I added smaller dots in a few random places on the nail. I went back in with the black to add a few tiny dots to the middle of the flowers, and a black dot next to (kind of overlapping) the Trick dots. I added a bit more interest to the design by dotting a lighter colour – Maybelline Sweetie Pie – with the other dots then added a topcoat when it was all dry. Looks like I didn’t wait quite long enough ’cause I smudged the black lines a tiny bit!

26 thoughts on “Eastern inspired nails and thank you!

  1. Oo laydee congrats on your 700+ followers!! Love this design! Can’t believe I didn’t get this London polish, it looks lovely on you. Pahhh. Epic fail on my part haha xx

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