Candy Stripes

So we all know that age-old fashion rule about wearing vertical stripes to make you look taller. Perhaps the following design would be great for short nails by making them look longer! What do you reckon?

I started with a stripe of China Glaze Something Sweet down one side of the nails (I didn’t use any nail art brushes for this part by the way, I was just careful!). Then a stripe of Eyeko Tea Rose polish in the middle, and a stripe of Barry M Shocking Pink on the other side. Then I lined them with a white striper, and added the black flowers with a dotting tool and Color Club Dark Romance in random spots on the nail. Easy as pie and I think it’s really cute!

Would you give this design a go?

31 thoughts on “Candy Stripes

  1. This is really cute, I love it. Annoyingly my nails seem to get shorter and weaker so the chances of me having half decent nails to try any of this on are next to nothing. I will just have to admire yours instead.

  2. ooo, i love the way you used the three coours + then a great contrast of the black! OMG, the white lines really make this look! Looks like a piece of strawberry rock with three colours :D you are my constant nailspiration! ;D xxxx

  3. @Roz: Thank you! Daww that sucks, get yourself a bottle of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails :)

    @Abby: Thank you :D trust me though, it’s easy!

    @Jules: Thanks :) hehe daww!

    @Nic: Thank you! I refer you to my earlier comment about Sally Hansen Hard as Nails ;P

    @Thriszha: Thank you, though not nearly as impressive as your designs!

    @May: Thanks :)


  4. Oo me likey. Cute and pink and stripey :D I think stripes make short nails look longer! I will try this… just as soon as I find some striper pens :) xx

  5. @Glitter and Love: Let me know if they do! :D

    @Delaynee: Daww thanks, that means a lot! :)

    @Cameron: Thank you :)

    @Rebecca: Thanks! Just takes a bit of practice :)

  6. Well, your nails certainly do look long!
    I would love to try this design; its so nice! I don’t have a very steady hand though… maybe squiggly lines are best for me! lol x

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