Buggering Bandwidth!

Hi ladies. You might have trouble reading this post, in fact you’ve probably had to highlight just to see it, am I right? Haha thanks to all the bloody PHOTOBUCKET BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED messages all over the shop.

For those who don’t know what bandwidth is, in the simplest terms for this scenario it basically means the amount of times any picture is loaded that is hosted on Photobucket servers, uses up a small amount of bandwidth. On a free Photobucket account (which is what I use for my images because I HATE the Blogger uploader), you get 10GB of bandwidth a month. Apparently, mine has been exceeded which means my photos and consequently my blog have been loaded too many times for my free account to handle, hence my pictures have all disappeared and been replaced with that ugly logo.

Now the bandwidth limit resets every month, I’m not sure of which date but if I assume it’s the 1st of every month that means there’s still a whole week to go of my blog looking like this and I seriously can’t deal with that. The only way I can get my photos back before the 1st is to buy a month’s subscription to Photobucket Pro :( but then if I’m now at the point where I’m getting enough monthly blog views to exceed my bandwidth, I’m sure it will happen again. So I’m guessing the best thing to do is just buy the Pro account for a month, then let it revert back to free status and start using something else to host my images.

Any techno buff bloggers out there that could give me some MUCH needed help/advice please? Throw an email at leanne@donotrefreeze.com if you can! Thanks

EDIT: Panic over, I just bit the bullet and bought a month’s worth of Pro. Hopefully next month I’ll be able to spare the money for a year’s worth so this doesn’t happen again!

6 thoughts on “Buggering Bandwidth!

  1. Hey hun, don’t worry the same thing happened to me, it’s definitely a right pain :( I was in panic mode for a good minute haha. I upgraded for a Pro account last month, and this month I’ve just let it revert back to normal :) I just don’t think I can face the prospect of transferring ALL my photos over to something else, but my bandwidth is already on 89% this month! I really think I’m going to start uploading onto something else xx

  2. I know you said you hate the Blogger uploader; but what about uploading site images (background, header, et cetera) to wherever hosts your site (Blogger, currently) then upload the individual-post pictures to Photobucket? That way, if your PB account exceeds bandwidth again, your site will still show up fine – just the individual post pics won’t show until the next month. (And I’m guessing that it won’t exceed bandwidth very often.)

  3. @Sparklz: Hehe I’m glad you could still read it!

    @LadyDanger: Yeah I’m probably just gonna let mine go to back normal, I’ll find somewhere new to host pictures once this month’s sub expires!

    @Georgie: Hahaaa no it was me :) well no it wasn’t me, it was Photobucket ;P but all fixed!

    @LiAnn: Good idea, I hadn’t even though of that :) thank you

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