Weekend mani – and help please? :(

I’ve been lacking sooo badly in nail inspiration lately, and this is the best I could come up with for my weekend away. Really simple, just a load of dots but I kinda like the simplicity. It looks a bit like disco lights I think :)

The black base is an old NYC polish, I don’t think it’s got a name but the bottle says 245B on it. The dots are China Glaze Sugar High, Peachy Keen and Lemon Fizz, and Sleek Lilac and Turquoise. I was uhm-ing and ah-ing over whether to leave it glossy or give it a matte topcoat but the majority vote on Twitter was glossy. Which is convenient, really, ’cause a matte mani never lasts more than a day and a half on me and I need this to last until Monday. :)

Lastly, as the title says – I need your help. You might have noticed from my constant whinging and general lack of creativity being displayed recently, I’m having real trouble being inspired to create nail designs. I’d be really grateful if you could tell me where you get inspiration from, or even if you have any requests you’d like for me to try out (and potentially make an easy peasy nail design post out of?). Thanks in advance :)

27 thoughts on “Weekend mani – and help please? :(

  1. I like this mani :D I’m having the same problem creativity wise :( I keep searching for nail art on We Hear It and looking through blogs but that’s it atm xxx

  2. @Kim: Thank you! Haha yeah I noticed a lot of your nail art pics on We Heart It actually, have you been posting them or does someone love you that much? Haha :D xx

  3. i understand you,hun

    sometimes i hardly do my nails at all because i can’t seem to come up with any designs. oftentimes i just play with myh polishes & do random designs

    love the nails,hun!
    really cute!

  4. I love this mani. When I’m feeling the need to be inspired I look at tons of nail blogs. Some of them are quite creative. Then I look through tons of nail polish on-line sellers and see if anything really catches my eye and try to go from there. Good luck! We all go through those uninspired moments, but they do pass, lol.

  5. @Laura: Thank you!

    @Thiamere: I’m glad you understand! Thank you :)

    @Caz: Oooh yeah I forgot about that! I used to look at that all the time but I stopped using tumblr and just kinda forgot about it haha. Thank you! And yes, you need to try China Glaze!

    @Olivia: YAY! I love dotting tools, I wouldn’t be without them now – can’t wait to see what you create with them :)

    @Jen: Daww, thank you so much! I wasn’t actually familiar with either of those sites so that was really helpful, thanks :)

    @Lacquer Ware: Thank you. I follow so many nail blogs and some people are so creative, it’s unreal! Haha I used to do the same thing but money’s so tight at the moment!

    @Charlie: Thank you :)


  6. Oooo this mani DOES remind me of discos and cupcakes sprinkles!! A cupcake inspired manicure, maybeee? Lovehearts..!! Stars?! Nautical inspired.. pop art (WHAM! pow! etc) aztec is a particular favey of mine too..xxxx

  7. Ooh the nails remind me of chocolate eggs. Nails designs i would be curious to see would be something with stars or checkerboards, if that gives any inspiration lol?

    I got my first two china glaze polishes today, they look super sexy- yet to get painting with them yet, but i found that Jolie Beauty on ebay sold them so that was good :)

  8. @Jules: Ahhh I was thinking about cupcakes the other day when Kim mentioned it. Maybe I’ll do that next :D nautical sounds fun too! I might have to go out and buy Barry M Cobalt Blue ’cause that is like the perfect nautical blue!

    @Gemma: Ooh so they do! :) I could do both of those, I’ll try and do at least one next week! Ooh which ChGs did you get?

    @Matron Jo: Thank you! :)


  9. The nails look so pretty! Whilst its not for nails, I’ve got a noticeboard set up as an inspiration board which includes pictures, colours or outfits I like. I’m hoping it inspires me for my blog. There are some really good sites to check out if you search for ‘inspiration boards’

  10. Cupcake sprinkles, YES! That’s it. Ah, Leanne, this mani is adorable. I think it shows a lot of creativity.

    When I worked for an advertising agency, the VP who was head over the creative department, ‘stole’ his ideas by looking at magazines. He’d just reword the headlines and call them his own. If it works for an advertising VP, let it work for you too.

  11. Nice. Just a dotting tool, right?

    I’d like to see a design with some leaves – dark green on light green. Inspiration-wise, I don’t know… googling Nfu-Oh generally blows my mind!

  12. @Fei: Daww thank you :)

    @Emma: Thanks a lot!

    @Cameron: That’s a good idea, I’d not even thought about looking for inspiration elsewhere than other people’s nail designs. Thank you

    @Zoe: Thank youu :) sorry I couldn’t make it on Friday!

    @The Fashion Teller: Thank you! Ahh trust me you don’t even really need a steady hand to use a dotting tool. I must get around to making a big post about them ’cause I get so many questions!

    @Sarah: Yup, just a dotting tool. Ooh leaves sounds like a good one to do, thank you!

    @LipGlossGossip: Thank you!

    @Kerrie: Oooh that actually sounds amazing! Thank you so much :) you’ve just given me a couple of ideas!


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