SmART Nails Review

I was super stoked to be presented with the opportunity to try out SmART Nails. You all know I’m a nail art fanatic so I’m fascinated by anything different to what I normally do!

SmART Nails is a Thailand based e-tailer of a really interesting stencil nail art system. Unlike Konad with the scraping and stamping with metal plates, SmART Nails are simply stencilled stickers which you whack on your nails and paint over! Easy freaking peasy right?

I picked out 10 different designs to try – each design comes in a packet of 10 stickers (which can be reused a few times each provided you’re careful with them and clean them GENTLY with a cotton bud dipped in remover between uses). Each design retails at $2.99 USD, and free worldwide shipping is offered on orders of 10 or more designs. I really liked the way they were packaged when I received them!

The two designs that first caught my eye when I was choosing were N005 and N043 – I immediately imagined a Chinese inspired design with gold on red. So that’s exactly what I set about doing! The instructions on the back of the sleeves are easy peasy but I wrote them in my own words rather than trying to photograph the text on my pants camera.

And here you can see steps 2-5 in pictures :)

Pretty cool, right?

But now I’m gonna answer the inevitable question before I get asked – do I think this is better than Konad? Well, yes and no – they’re both totally different things. SmART Nails has the advantage of being cheaper than a Konad plate, but remember a Konad plate should last you forever whereas SmART Nails can only be used a few times each. I would argue that SmART Nails is an easier system to use for beginners to nail art, but it’s not like Konad is difficult to get the hang of either. I would highly recommend both products for different reasons!

Here’s my finished design:

So, are you liking the look of these? I hope so, because the company are kindly sponsoring a giveaway in my next post – keep your eyes peeled!

12 thoughts on “SmART Nails Review

  1. They look amazing! Love the colours together. Blimey how long are your nails though?! I wish I could get mine to that sort of length but they break way too easily. xx

  2. They look cool and OH so simple to use!! I still find Konad fiddley and this looks so easy but shame you only get limited use out of the stencils :(

  3. Oooo yeah me likes! I wouldn’t have time for all that Konad malarky, so these would be perfect.

    Cannot believe how long your nails are now babe. They’re amazing! Best nails on blogger! haha.


  4. @Rachel: Haha you should see the thumb and middle finger of my other hand – broke ‘em bowling at the Sleek event :( if you have a problem with weak nails, give Sally Hansen Hard as Nails a go. I owe my nail length to that! It’s like £4.25 in Superdrug, Boots and bigger supermarkets and that.

    @Gemma: God yes, this is piss! If you clean them with a cotton bud and polish remover between uses, they should last as many uses as you can until they lose all their sticky!

    @Jo: Great, you should enter the giveaway then :) haha yeah they are kinda long – and can you believe that’s only just over a month of growth? I cut them down to the tips of my fingers on the 28th March. Haha!


  5. I’m not even going to try Konad because I know I’d never get the hang of the rocking motion and my nails are very curved. So this looks right up my ginnel.

  6. @Jen: My nails are very curved too, but honestly Konad is so easy. But this is even easier!

    @Liloo: They are, aren’t they :)

    @Mae: Glad you like it :)

    @Kim: Thanks! Hahaaa yeah I know what you mean, I’ve been neglecting Konad for months on end!


  7. ah these look so good! i love the freedom of how many designs there are, also i think i may be able to handle this a bit more than konad…look forward to seeing more posts using these :D

  8. I’m sure that this post is super old, but I’m wondering where you offered them. I’ve been trying to order some for weeks now and most of the websites I have found don’t use U.S dollars for pricing. if there is another website of, if you could help me understand their pricing, that would be great. my email address is thank you

    - Dawn

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