SmART Nails Giveaway!

I trust you’ve seen my SmART Nails review just before this post? If so then you should be aware that the company have been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for you guys!

One lucky reader will receive 10 designs of their choice, packaged in this lovely fashion!

Entering couldn’t be easier, but you know me – I don’t want a hundred scroungers following my blog just to get free junk. So please read the rules before entering – if you don’t follow them (and believe you me, I WILL be checking) your entry won’t be counted.


1. You must be a follower of Do Not Refreeze.
2. You must be an ACTIVE BLOGGER! I don’t want the prize going to some random who just googles for blog giveaways (and I know there’s a lot of ‘em thanks to analytics).
3. Go to the SmART Nails Catalogue page and tell me in the comments which design is your favourite and why.
4. Don’t forget to leave your email address in the comment, too.
5. Closes at midnight GMT on 31st May, and the winner will be chosen by on the 1st of June.

Good luck! xo

Edit: Yes, open worldwide :)

37 thoughts on “SmART Nails Giveaway!

  1. No 22 is my fave. I’ve never done nail art but I know for a fact that the first time I do, it will be stars! <3
    charlie AT ladyofthelane DOT com xxx

  2. N002 is my favourite because it reminds me of when I got birthday cards as a kid. My aunt and uncle would put a paw print in the card from their dog, it made me really happy. x
    kerrie.tillman @

  3. Ooooo… just had a nosey and I like quite a few! you know me I couldn’t just choose one haha.

    No.38 – Nice and classy that one.

    No.44 – Cute and girly.

    No.47 – Love the little bow and it would match my necklace I bought yesterday ha!

    No.50 – Another girly girl one.

    I also think no.23 is a good un’, wouldn’t wear that one on my nails like haha… Its just different. A Ganga leaf on your nail ha!

    Oh nearly forgot..


  4. Great giveaway, I am a follower & blogger :)

    11 – bit of a secret playboy lover on the sly- love a bit of tack :)

    45 – would look fab in loads of pastels


  5. oMG i am shakin my fist at blogger atm.. Put through a commentos but NO it cocked up didn’t it… *shakes head* smh!! Ok ok round twooooo of comment..

    what a FAB wee competition thingymajig! :D my ultimate favey is 22, i love midnight blue + white stars go together, can u just imagine (if i had nails long enough!!) the tips with gold glitter? Iridescent glitter would be amaaazing.. ooo and i could put glitter on the inside of the star brushed lightly, just to give it a shiny glittery effect! :D

    beautiful shiny pointy stars! two of them xD
    was gonna say number 23 as a joke because u know.. it’s….. cough cough a suspicious looking leafy plant ;) LOL “Because i got hiiiiigh!” a la afroman.. mwhahaha

    no18.. reminds me of peppermint candy canes! RAD xxxxxxx

  6. Okay, so yes, I just became a follower today – but not because of the giveaway but because Rebekah of For the Love of Nails blog. She sent me the link to the free Nails, Inc from Diet Coke – and it just happened to be today that she told me about it!! :-) (just felt the need to explain myself as to why I was signing up today)

    Okay – so my favorite is 38 just looks classy to me.

    my e-mail address is

    I will add you to my nail blog list at as well as to my giveway section with this link added!!

    Great giveaway!!

  7. Hey! I’m a happy follower through RSS Feed and Google Friend Connect (as “Lissi”). My email is Lissi4NAA(at)gmail(dot)com.

    I’m an active blogger (Nail Addicts Anonymous). I blogged about this giveaway on the sidebar too.

    My favorite design is the dolphin because I am obsessed with them. LOL!

  8. I think I’ve seen nail art using this system before, but I didn’t know where they came from…and now I may have a new addiction. (All the better for playing with the two dozen Zoya polishes I got in the Earth Day exchange! Kind of sucks that you folks in the UK can’t get in on that one.)

    I don’t know which is my favorite, but the two in contention for the top spot are #007 and #036. Both are interesting-but-simple designs which would work well on my generally-shorter nails.

    …and I thought I was already following the blog? I know I’ve been linking to you for quite a while. Eh…my bad.

    LiAnn – Sparklecrack Central

  9. My fave is going to have to be no. 28, the kitty, it has elegant smooth lines and yet it is still a *lot* of fun – I think nail art should be fun!

    liss07 @ gmail .com

    Thank you for such an awesome opportunity!

  10. Hi, Leanne.
    I name-checked you today.
    Couldn’t get your pic to copy though so it’s horribly text-heavy.
    My fave is 18. it looks practical and not too girlie. Straight lines are impossible without a stencil.
    I love the spider though. If I didn’t have a partner who hates spiders I might choose that.

  11. great giveaway sweetie!

    i am a follower <3
    my favorite design is #47, the bow. because i love them! and i can never seem to do a decent one freehand!
    email address is: kelliegonzoblog at gmail dot com


  12. Great giveaway!
    I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect (nastjanastja).

    My favorite design is N052. Its just nice.

    my email: nastjanastja[at]

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