New Blogger on the Block: The London Lipgloss!

D’you know Zoe? AKA The London Lipgloss? If you do, you can join my choir and sing her praises with me. If you don’t, get over there right now and check her out!

I only discovered Zoe’s blog recently but within a few short weeks we became firm friends. And since today is her 21st birthday, you should definitely brighten her day by taking a looksie at her blog and reading this interview! You’ll quickly discover that she’s not just a pretty face.

:: Tell us a bit about yourself, throw in a random fact or two about you!
Hello! My full name is Zoe Louise Hellewell, i’m 21 and I live in Wimbledon, south London. I like long walks by the beach, Pina Coladas and i’m really looking for someone who I can connect with, makes me laugh and is a dead ringer for Andy Samberg.. Hang on, you’re not from match dot com, you liar! I’m a dreadful comedienne and I was born with wonky eyes :D

:: What are you favourite type of blog posts to read, and what are your favourite to write?
Well the first person I ever found in this community was Elle Fowler of Allthatglitters21 fame, and I loved the way she talked almost straight to me about the things I loved, and in a geeky way I felt like by watching her videos I learnt about her and that fascinated me. From that I discovered all the hidden blogs and there really are some gems. I love seeing how people wear their clothes, and how they use their make up to make their personality as individual as they all are. Every single girl in this blogging community has a different way they use the tools they have and I love the way I can pop from one blog to another and learn so much, yet the girls are totally different in tastes. I think my favourite to write are the outfit posts, simply because it makes me think so hard about putting outfits together, and through that I’m learning more about fashion, and of course about me.

:: What do you do when you’re not blogging?
I’m still at Uni so at the moment i’m wading through essays and trying to think of original ideas for artwork (very difficult!). When i’m not doing that you can find me working in the corporate demon that is Gap, I work there two days a week. Inbetween I like to go to gigs and photograph the artists, and for pleasure. I love music, it brings us all together and makes me feel a million different emotions. If i’m not doing that, i’ll be at some random thing i found on the internet offering free tickets as my curiosity always gets the better of me! If i’m not doing that i’ll probably be round someones house eating their food. If i’m not doing that i’ll most likely be watching Jeremy Kyle in my dressing gown. If i’m not doing that – i’m in bed! :)

:: Do you remember the first makeup item you ever bought?
I think it was a black pencil eyeliner. I remember being about 14/15 and loving the look of the rock girls I was reading about in Kerrang – mostly Avril Lavigne. My friend had already experimented with black eyeliner for school and I remember thinking how gorgeous she looked, and although I was scared about trying it myself she helped me put it on my waterline and from then i was hooked. My Mum took me to MAC a short while after and bought me my first foundation, she’s regretting it now – she completely fueled my MAC addiction. Naughty mummy!

:: What do you love the most about blogging?
I love the absolute freedom it gives me. I can spend an evening sitting and writing about my makeup and no one bats an eyelid. It’s something that inspires me especially with my art practice. I’m no professional make up artist, but on my blog that doesn’t matter, and there are hundreds of girls just like me who enjoy indulging in shopping and do make up without qualifications too. I can relate to almost every single blog i read and the ones i can’t i look to for inspiration. I’ve only really dipped my toes in the pool of blogging and i love that as the days go on the products develop, the community moves forward and there is always something new and exciting to squeal over with other likeminded souls. Not only that but the solace in knowing i’m not the only girl like this, and I can log in to twitter to read conversations that spark up interest in my inner beauty demon.

:: What are you passionate about?
Aside from M.A.C, i’m generally passionate about life! Is that a really lame answer? I hardly ever say no to anything that crops up and that often leads me into all kinds of fun. I’m pretty passionate about that! I am so madly passionate about magazines, not all magazines obviously but I spend a lot of time reading them and gazing over their glossy gorgeousness. They inspire me lots, I think it’s because i’m addicted to photography and the image after image of beaut is probably the most inspiring source for me. Of course, my biggest passion of all is my photography and my camera that I worked so hard for. I could talk about it for hours but to be honest, it’d bore the pants off you all! The main thing is my dreadful eyes, I often think of my eyes as the lens as sometimes I find it hard to focus, and I can only see things closely to me without my glasses. When i’ve got my camera I can use my eyes to show everyone what I see, and I think thats why i’m so passionate about communicating that.

:: What do you aspire to achieve one day?
It’s kinda un-beauty related but i’m dying to break into the media industry in any way. Thing is, i’m one of those irritating people that loves everything, and you know what even if i was offered a job in radio, or research, or journalism i’d embrace it. Of course i’d give anything to be paid to photograph fashion shoots for M.A.C or i-D by day and photograph music festivals and gigs by night. But at the end of the day, I strive to be happy in life and i’d honestly be happy being creative in any way. I’d love to work in the Haus of Gaga…heh. But in all seriousness, i’m a firm believer in life being what you make of it, and i’m willing to spend the next few years of my life working for free until i get the opportunity to break into what I love the most, and i will work hard for that. Really, that is truly what i hope to achieve the most, money is just the formality that keeps us alive in this world, and if i had to give that all up for a job at the NME, i’d do it in a flash.

Thanks so much for a lovely interview Zoe, have a wonderful birthday!

5 thoughts on “New Blogger on the Block: The London Lipgloss!

  1. Awww that’s so sweet! interesting interview. I love Zoe’s blog, She’s such a talented girly! She puts a lot of time and care into it. Great post xx

  2. Great interview, she definitely sums up what the blogging community is all about – no qualifications needed to discuss something you are really interested in. I’m going to check out her blog right now!

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