Nails Inc Diet Coke City Collection

I’ll be honest – I’ve only ever tried once Nails Inc polish before, and that was one that I won in Charlie’s giveaway (Queen’s Park, if you’re interested). I’m just not up for paying £10.50 for a nail polish – and the colours that come free with magazine promotions every now and then have never appealed to me. So all in all, I wouldn’t have said that Nails Inc is a brand in which I have a whole lot of interest.

But yesterday morning, a press release landed in my inbox featuring colours I really like the look of, inspired by the four fashion capitals of the world, along with a brilliant promo.

Introducing the City Collection – between 5th May and 30th June at participating Boots stores, you can score one of these four nail polishes for free with the purchase of two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke. I don’t even drink fizzy stuff, but for the chance to try some of these lovely fashion-forward colours at a fraction of the price Nails Inc would normally cost, I can’t really say no. Can you?

:: London is a trendy nude colour, inspired by Brit passion for cool fashion.
:: Paris is a deep purple, a tribute to the most romantic city in the world and a beautiful sunset over the Eiffel Tower.
:: New York is a vibrant fuchsia pink inspired by the attitude of the city that never sleeps.
:: Milan is a fiery Italian red (apparently they couldn’t think of a more poetic description for this one haha).

Will you be chugging Coke for these then? I’m really keen on the look of London, Paris and New York. How about you?

P.S. Can I just say that promo image goes SO WELL with my blog background? :D Haha

EDIT: Rachel of Beauty Fiend asked a good question – ‘How does this work then? Do you just produce two coke bottle wrappers at boots and they give you the varnishes or do you have to send off for them?’. I emailed to ask and got a reply that Hannah had already given in the comments (thanks)! The polishes are just displayed next to the Coke and you take the one you want to the till with you. I can predict a quick sell-out of London, then!

13 thoughts on “Nails Inc Diet Coke City Collection

  1. Sounds good, I’ve only just gotten back into painting my nails after a long time of just not bothering or painting them red!

    How does this work then? Do you just produce two coke bottle wrappers at boots and they give you the varnishes or do you have to send off for them?

  2. @Beautyfiend: Good question! The email I was sent wasn’t super specific but I’m under the impression that you can get one as you pay for the cokes? I shall ask her on your behalf and edit the post :)

  3. I love fizzy. London and Paris for me. Thanks for this, Leanne. Not so keen on Coke but I don’t dislike it.
    This is for me!
    I don’t pay full-price for Nails Inc. Ebay is way better. I know some people hate ebay but I’m not one of them.

  4. I like the look of London didn’t really like Nails Inc polishes but they are worth a shot. I don’t drink diet coke but i’m sure someone else will in my house ;o) & i think it is instyle mag that is selling a free Nails Inc Polish & their are 3 different colours to choose from :) The nudeish one looks promising x

  5. Thanks for that! Wow that’s pretty good then really, I don’t even know how much a bottle of coke is nowadays can’t be more than £2 though for both of them. Hope everyone doesn’t automatically become diet coke addicts after chugging a load of it down! x

  6. @Jen: You’re welcome! Yeah same here, I could never pay full price for a bottle of Nails Inc. I start getting a little bit tight fisted when nail polishes start costing me more than a fiver!

    @Lucy: Yay! :)

    @Jody: Haha I don’t think anyone in my house drinks it! But down the sink is better than no polish ;P

    @Rachel: You’re welcome, glad to help! I saw on someone’s blog earlier where they’d been to Boots and got a free polish, I think they said the two drinks together cost £3.56 or something ridiculous like that o.O when did soft drinks become so expensive? Mind you, Boots points make everything feel better!


  7. Pretty rockin deal! I’m gonna be checking this one out. London looks like one of the polishes they just gave away with InStyle magazine, Mink. Would be interesting to see a comparison if anyone gets hold of both.
    Is it only at Boots then or is it supermarkets etc?

  8. @Rebecca: Ooh that would be interesting – I never pick up the magazine ones myself. I’m sure someone somewhere will get both and blog about it! The promotion is only at Boots :)

  9. I’m a wanting them, just need to get myself down to Boots. No doubt my local won’t be doing the promotion! I think I want London, Paris and New York. I’m not really a red kinda girl. x

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