My Makeup and Polish Storage

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now, and thanks to Kim posting her storage solutions I’ve finally got around to it!

I kinda shocked myself doing this actually, seeing how much my makeup collection has grown out of control in the last 9 months, and my polish collection in a meagre 4 months! Here was my polish storage on the 7th January this year, and here’s my makeup storage on the 29th July last year. Pretty modest, right? Not anymore XD

I still store my makeup in the same Ikea drawers as before (and I STILL haven’t been bothered to paint them haha), except now they’re kinda overflowing. Foundations, lipbalms, moisturisers, perfume, and a little trinket box full of false lashes live on the top. Blushes, contour powders, highlighters etc live in the top left hand drawer (‘cept ELF HD Powder which sits on my desk next to my brushes). Mascaras and eyelash curlers go in the middle drawer – you can tell that Maybelline Colossal is my most used at the moment ’cause it’s at the top :) and my billion eyeliners go in the the top right. I don’t know why I have so many eyeliners; I’ve got so many colours in liquid, pencil and gel forms and a load of glitter ones… but I only ever really use black felt tip liner and black kohl! Haha, I occasionally use purple if I’m feeling brave ;P

In the middle left hand drawer you’ll find single/duo/trio eyeshadows, pigments, cream/liquid shadows, all sorts of eye primers etc. If you look at my old makeup storage post you can see I had barely anything so it was all nicely ordered – now I don’t even know what’s lurking in this drawer ’cause I can’t be bothered to root all the way to the bottom of it! This is getting ridiculous… Similar story for the right hand drawer where lip products go.

Palettes go in the bottom. In here you’ll find quite a bit of Sleek, Urban Decay, some MAC, Inglot, that old Eyeko thing I got at the anime expo over a year ago, and somewhere right at the bottom is my neglected 120 palette. Haha :)

Okay so that’s makeup done… brushes live in 2 vases on my desk. The purple one on the right I’ve had for years, it used to have a fake plant in it and it’s now home to face and lip brushes. I got the pink and red striped one for £2 at a charity shop several months back that houses my eye brushes. The vases are filled about halfway with glass beads (don’t have any vase filler ;P) to keep the brushes standing mostly upright.

Now let’s move onto polish. This is the middle shelf of one of my cupboards, you can see on the left there’s a ton of makeup books and magazines, and pages I’ve ripped from other magazines with inspirational pictures in. The hefty filing drawers were donated by my dad when he rearranged his study. They’re not exactly pretty but they sure as hell do the job!

My polishes are pretty much organised by brand. In the top drawer you’ll find China Glaze, OPI, BYS, Nails Inc, Color Club, GOSH, Revlon, Guppy, Model’s Own, Urban Outfitters, and a whole bunch of topcoats and basecoats.

In the next drawer down, there’s Eyeko, Barry M, Maybelline, Collection 2000, Bourjois, Rimmel, NYX and a few other random ones. At the back you can see the majority of my nail art stripers thrown in!

The bottom drawer is where nail art and care stuff lives :D cuticle oil and remover, files, buffers and other tools, nail art brushes, dotting tools, SmART Nails stickers, Konad stuff, rhinestones, other decals, nail wheels, glitters, other stickers and transfers, and my black and white stripers – these are kept in this drawer rather than with the others ’cause they’re pretty much the only ones that get used! Haha.

Sooo that’s how I store all my junk. I think I’ve developed a wee bit of a problem >_

19 thoughts on “My Makeup and Polish Storage

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! I was actually going to ask if you would do a nail polish collection post. Purely because I am nosey and wondered how big your collection was since your last storage post!

    I love how it’s organised now! Wish Ikea stil sold those drawers! I would definitely get some if they did! xx

  2. Really Useful Boxes do a great range of storage. I’m quite glad my stuff is spread out all over the house. It reduces the impact and means I am liable to less earache from my darling other half.

    Lots of brushes you have. I’m too mean to buy good quality brushes. What’s your fave brand of brush?

  3. This had made me really want to sort out my make up! I used to have everything in its own little section, but I’ve ended up with lipsticks in my blusher drawer etc etc. Love the Ikea drawer. Also love your brush storage, I love the stripey one – such a bargain too :) xo

  4. Nice to see how someone else stores their beauty. I have large, plastic drawers for my mineral makeup. But, so far, I have my polishes in plastic containers and I have them stashed in my walk in closet. I’d love to have them all out, but I’m wanting to keep any similarity of clutter out of sight.

  5. I have the same IKEA drawers for my make up, if you’re going to paint them, do it with varnish or high gloss paint so you can wipe the dirt off easier.
    My nail varnishes are in a Soap & Glory travel bag thing, I like your n/v storage though, might try and find a place for some more drawers!

  6. @Olivia: Haha thanks, well now you know, I must be clairvoyant! ;P Yeah I got those Ikea drawers yearrrs ago when I still lived in my old house and I moved here in 2002 so looong time! I used to keep all my Lush stuff in it when I worked there and had a million products haha.

    @Jen: Ooh thanks, I’ll have a look :) haha my significant other doesn’t mind my addiction one bit, he pays for most of it!

    @Emma: Yeah mine gets like that sometimes so I have to have a little shuffle around! Thanks :) yeah I LOVE that vase ’cause it’s big and square and it’s heavy too :)

    @Gemma: Ooh lovely! I keep meaning to have a looksie at Muji, thanks!

    @Kimberley: Ahh I like having things on display, I’d love to have one of those polish racks but I don’t really have enough wall space (I have sloped ceilings so the walls only get about 5ft tall in here), but it would just be such a dust magnet!

    @Mae: Thank you! Hope you’re enjoying your foils, by the way :) I’d love to see how you store your stuff!

    @Phoebe: Thanks for the tip :) I have another set of drawers from Ikea in the same wood and I painted those years ago with white gloss paint, I really do need to get round to doing this one but it doesn’t bother me so much since it’s the same colour as my bedside table which is where it lives :)

    @Shifa: Thanks :) hehe yeah it’s a bit mental!

    @Irishenchantment: Oh god, it really has… I worry myself!


  7. And I thought I had a big collection haha. Clearly not ;P I’m the same with eye liner, I have quite a few but always go for black! xx

  8. I love seeing storage posts! I just caved in and am waiting for some muji! Your collection is huge!! =) and lol at the microgynon on top! Mine also has the same place! x

  9. @Kim: Hey at least you’re in control of your spending! Haha. Aren’t we boring!

    @Emily: Hahaha oh god I didn’t even notice that was in the picture!

    @Sarah: Thanks for the link :)

    @Rebecca: Thanks :) haha gahh Emily pointed that out too, it didn’t even cross my mind else I would have cropped it out!


  10. I’ll do a storage post in a few days – maybe this weekend. I have a couple of different storage solutions, but I’m not 100% thrilled with any of them. I have Grand Plans for a built-in unit for all my MMU, but that’s going to require more than a wee bit of renovation – it honestly may have to wait a few years

  11. Wow your collection has really grown since your last post. Its good that you keep it so organized. I have a small set of drawers but not all my make up fits into it so I have a few make up bags as well, where I keep the stuff I regularly use x

  12. Quick question… :) Where did you get your nail brushes from? and how much did you pay for them? I’m looking to buy some from Ebay and wondered if they were any good. xx

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