Easy peasy nail design: Corset nails!

I’m sorry, I know I haven’t done one of these for ages! And I know that I was kinda meant to do some embellished French tip designs ’cause they came second in my poll but as you know I broke a couple of nails at the Sleek event so I’ve had to cut them down – and I’d rather wait until they get a bit longer before I do French ones! So in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these corset inspired nails!

I swear this is probably the easiest design I’ve shown so far! I used Maybelline Goody Plum Drop as my base colour, and the lilac strip and dots are China Glaze Light as Air. The black is a generic eBay striper!

The first step is to paint a strip down the middle over your base colour – this could be a lighter shade of your base colour or a white or something. You can use a nail art brush to do this if you want, but it’s easy enough to just use the brush on your polish.

Now make 4 dots down each side of the strip (dotting tool, cocktail stick etc). If your nails are particularly long you might wanna do 6, or if you have teeny tiny nails you might not have space for more than 2.

Take a black or a darker colour – I used a black nail art striper but if you have a thin nail art brush you can use any polish you have. Make criss-cross lines between the dots to finish the design, and seal your handiwork with a topcoat. HOW easy? :)

Hope you enjoy!

I bought my dotting tools, nail art brushes and stripers from here.

22 thoughts on “Easy peasy nail design: Corset nails!

  1. I agree this is really easy, had been playing around with this kind of design over the weekend, it’s on one of my nail art wheels I take to college. Love it. Great tutorial hun. x

  2. Hehe! goody plum drop, what an adorable shade name!! SUPER cute idea – Corsets fascinate me! I so want to do this nail look when I grow out my nails (bad stumpy bitten stage, AGAIN! I know i know..) these look lush! muckle love xxxx

  3. omg. you’re so creative. how on earth do you come up with cool ideas like that! is this post bowling nails? i cant believe how fast it grows x wow

  4. @Karleigh: Hahaha you’re not a turd! But thank you :)

    @Claire: Thanks – it’s such a good one to do isn’t it? So easy but it looks like it takes a lot of effort ;P

    @Jules: I know right! Unfortunately it’s an American one though, we can’t get it here :( I won it a while back! Ohh you BAD BAD GIRL, stop yer biting!

    @May: Thanks! Be sure to throw a link my way if you try it :D

    @Lisa: I know, I was the same, I saw it floating about quite a few times and I was like I HAVE to try that!

    @Liloo: Not really, I didn’t come up with this myself! I’ve seen similar designs in a few places around the internet, and just worked out how to do it for myself and show you guys :) haha my nails do grow pretty quick but that’s my left hand! The ones I broke are on my right hand which definitely looks a bit more scruffy but I always photograph my left hand anyway ;P

    @Lisa: Thanks! Please do, and don’t forget to show me!

    @Hannah: Yaay I hope you do! Thank you :)

    @Small Town Gal: Dawww, thank you! You’re welcome and I hope you give it a go :)


  5. @Gemma: Hahaha :D best comment ever!

    @Joyce: Thank you! Please do :)

    @Joy: I’d love to see! You’re welcome and thanks :)

    @Emma: I’m sure you’d be great if you gave it a go, I promise this is the easiest one I’ve posted so far!


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