Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

(Don’t let this stock image deceive you… 002 Vanilla is the lightest colour and it’s darker than that in person)

I was recently sent Revlon’s PhotoReady makeup to try out. I was really eager to see how I got on with it after hearing about the sparkly-ness and all that jazz. The first time I used it, I HATED it. I felt like a disco ball. But yesterday, I decided to give it another chance.

Packaging: MUCH more convenient than Colorstay as it features a pump – finally, Revlon! I also prefer the bottle design. The amount of product you get is the same (30ml), which is good since they cost the same. One pump is a bit more than I need to do my entire face, but whatever’s left on the back of my hand can be used on my neck so it doesn’t matter.

Coverage: I’d say medium. In the picture below you can see it doesn’t completely cover the freckly thing on my cheek like Revlon Colorstay does. That freckle is useful, it’s a good measure for foundation coverage! PhotoReady successfully covers my nasty little red patches and blemishes but it doesn’t totally wipe out my freckles, which I like.

Application: Difficult! The first time I used this I applied it with Revlon’s foundation brush which was also sent to me. Because the consistency is a lot more fluid than Colorstay I found it a lot harder to blend, especially using that brush. I had quite a bit more success the second time using my fingers to distribute the product and ELF’s flat top brush to buff it out, but I think I still need to get the hang of applying this one perfectly.

Finish: Uhmm.. How do I put this? Yes, it freaking sparkles. Personally I’ve never really been one to go for ‘the dewy look’ although it looks nice on other people, my skin tends to be a bit oily so I never look dewy, I just look greasy. With this foundation, it seems to dry kinda semi-matte but with sparkles.. it’s weird. I didn’t like it at all until I powdered over it with ELF Studio HD powder – now there’s a combo I like! These two together give my skin a weird hybrid of glowing matte skin… haha. The sparkle is actually starting to work for me a bit, provided it’s powdered.

Staying Power: Pretty good. It was a hot day yesterday – I applied my makeup about 10am. I was looking a little bit shiny by lunchtime so I powdered over my T-zone and it was fine. I took the dog for a looong walk in the afternoon, and it was a little bit patchy when I got back but with another powdering it was still passable. It was too patchy to be acceptable by about 4.30pm, so that’s what, 6 and a half hours? But I did wear myself out walking the dog and it was a hot day. I’m sure in an air conditioned office it’d be better!

(‘After’ shows the foundation applied with fingers and buffed with a flat-top brush, set with ELF HD Powder)

So to sum it up…

:: SPF 20 (vs Colorstay which is SPF 6)
:: Reasonable coverage
:: Pump bottle!
:: Doesn’t really have a smell like Colorstay does
:: I haven’t broken out! If my skin doesn’t like a product, I’ll start sprouting some super sexy spots within hours of it being on.
:: Reasonable longevity with a few powder touch-ups

:: Not very easy to blend
:: Limited shade range
:: Still not quite sure about the sparkle…

I realise that the finish of the foundation could be just PERFECT for photography, but since I don’t really get photographed that’s not a huge factor for me, haha. Aside from my own crappy FOTDs of course.

Overall? The jury’s still out. I don’t hate it like I thought I did, but I don’t love it yet either.

Have you tried it? What did you think?

The featured product was provided by Revlon for review consideration. Regardless of how I obtain I product, I will give an honest opinion. ‘Kay?

13 thoughts on “Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

  1. I have this her and I really like it I think. Going to have another go today. The brush doesn’t work to apply it at all! I found on my hand the sparkles were really obvious but not so much on my face but I’ll try again!

  2. I DID NOT like this at all. The sparkles were annoying and it made me look grey within hours. I binned it which I normally don’t do (I like to give foundations a few chances to wow me).

  3. I tested some on my hand one time i was in Boots and repeatedly kept looking down at my hand during the rest of the shopping trip being like wow its really sparkly- i dont think it would look at all good on my face, maybe if my skin was totally flawless but im going to stick with colourstay.

  4. Thanks for this review, I still think Im going to skip it, Im like you and I have oily skin, so sparkles are a no-no! I also find Revlon are far to neutral and pinky toned, I tried several now, theres just never enough yellow based ones :(

  5. @Charlie: Yeah the brush was pants :( I find the sparkles really obvious on my face until I powder over it.

    @Sarah: Probably for the best!

    @Jacie: Haha I’m too tight to bin anything, even the stuff I get sent for free ;P

    @Gemma: Yeah that’s a good point, I can imagine this would probably work a lot better on people who’ve already got really even skin and no bumps or anything.

    @Nikki: You’re welcome. Haha funny, I find that all of Revlon’s foundations are a bit too yellow for me! Mind you I am VERY cool toned.

  6. All the reviews of this are pushing me o try it.. I remember something similar from Rimmel a couple of years back. I think it was their ‘Recover’ foundation & I hated the sparkle in that.

  7. A brush with a liquid foundation? Sounds weird.
    Sparkles on the face?
    Everywhere else yes. Face? No. Mind you, I see no sparkles in the pic. Your skin looks velvety and you wouldn’t want to cover that freckle so it looks good but it doesn’t have great longevity.

    My fave is L’Oreal Cashmere Perfect applied with a sponge. I want to cover my greasy T-zone. I should use powder to get a very matte finish but I end up getting powder all over my clothes.

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