Konad Double-Stamping Trial

I’m really, really out of practice with Konad so I decided to have a little go at it this evening.

This is 2 coats of China Glaze Sugar High, and the design is from plate M64 stamped with Color Club Dark Romance. But, I keep my nails a lot longer now than I used to when I constantly wore full-nail Konad designs so I had to try double stamping! I deliberately picked that design ’cause it’s kinda ‘open’ at the end if you see what I mean – I wanted to see if it looked alright plain before I committed myself to double stamping. It didn’t look too bad I guess, but I decided to try anyway.

That’s MUCH better isn’t it? :D I’m kinda proud. My stamping in general is a little rusty but nevermind. To double stamp without loads of overlapping I had to stamp upside down and move it to different angles and stuff – it was fun and challenging! I also like how they’re not all identical, it now has more of an organic look which I love. :)

What’re you wearing on your nails at the moment?

10 thoughts on “Konad Double-Stamping Trial

  1. That looks so cool! I love it! On my nails? I did a French with Zoya Perrie on the bottom part & Mimi pon the tips then put foil hearts and crystals on my ‘ring finger’ & then put just foil hearts on all the regular nails

  2. @Jo: You’ll get there! Willpower! ;P

    @ZuZu: That’s really cool! Thanks for the link :)

    @Rachel: Oooh sounds fun :D Your prize is on it’s way to you by the way!

    @BabyD: Thank you :) haha yeah I used to do that but then I stopped Konading for ages and let my nails get longer, and I MUCH prefer them long so it was a case of learning ot double stamp, or never Konading again… bit of a no brainer really ;P

    @Laura: Thank you very much!

    @Jen: You’re too lovely to shoot :)


  3. *gasp* it’s Beaaaautiful beautiful beautiful, i love both the single AND double stamping, you did a marvy job with the double stamping m’love! xxx

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