FOTD: Afraid of Colour?

Are you afraid of colour? I’m sure as hell not. It’s another nice sunny day today so I ditched my usual neutrals in favour of bright yellow, orange and pink. Why the hell not?! I managed to finish this look using mostly inexpensive products, too. The sun really washed out my face in the pics so you can’t even really tell I’m wearing anything on my cheeks – I am though!

Haha, I don’t even remember the last time I did an FOTD. Be nice!

Fero Cosmetics light reflecting concealer
Lily Lolo mineral foundation (Porcelain)
NYX powder blush (Taupe) to contour
Illamasqua powder blush (Hussy)
17 Blush & Glow (Strawberry Swirl) to highlight

NYX jumbo pencil (Milk) as a base
120 palette eyeshadows (2 yellows, 2 oranges, 2 pinks, cream highlight shade)
GOSH velvet touch eyeliner (Black Ink)
Eyeko Graffiti liner pen
Maybelline Colossal mascara
Anastasia brow pencil
99p store lashes!

17 Shine On lipstick (Flirty)
Barry M lipgloss wand (4)

Is the sun tempting you to break out your brights yet?

20 thoughts on “FOTD: Afraid of Colour?

  1. Oooh…this is a fabulous look! I’ve not delved into my collection of summery colours yet but I may just have to get them all out to have a little play. I’ve always been a bit scared of yellow eyeshadows but combined with those other colours it looks great!

  2. not just yet. i’ve been tempted by my yellows and corals but stuck with a bright but light blue liner instead.. wimping out of it.

    it’s cool how you can pull off a look with so much colour though :) i find myself dulling it down with whites or greys.. not the point i know :P xx

  3. This looks amazing – so bright and summery. I love brights but tend to stick to blues and greens as they seem a little less scary…am very tempted to try oranges and yellows now though! x

  4. @Ms Wedgie: Thank you! I guess that’s the only way to find out what you like and what you can pull off isn’t it, to just drag everything out and have a good play. I admit I was a bit apprehensive when I first applied the yellow, it was a bit scary but some vigorous blending with the other colours made it work :)

    @Abbz: Yeah that’s how I transitioned back into wearing colours, with a blue or purple liner on the lower lashline. So simple but so good :D

    @Lily: Thank you! Go on, give into temptation – it’s only makeup at the end of the day so if you don’t like it you can wipe it off!


  5. Looks good on you. Wear these colours while you are young. You’ll never get away with it at my age!!!
    I think you’ve done a brilliant job with the blending. When people don’t blend effectively is when it looks tacky.
    FOTD – ha, I’m such an idiot. I was expecting FOOToftheday.

  6. This looks amazing and fab blending. You sure you want to be a nail techy and not a make-up artist? I haven’t ever tried brighter colours, the most you have seen is on my blog, that purple and blue look, I usually stick to some old brown from Avon about 100 years old lol xx

  7. That looks amazing and I envy your skills! I cracked out the bright pink the other day haha. The weather is definitely inspiring me! xox

  8. i am TERRIFIED of colour on me! this is amazing though, your blending is ridiculous. so so good. i love it. more of these posts please!! xox

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