Eyeko, mon petit chou! French mani!

Okay so I never took French at school, but I’m pretty sure that ‘mon petit chou’ is a term of endearment in French, yeah? And it means something about cabbage? Someone please enlighten me in case I sound like a complete tool :) haha.

I received a nice unexpected package from Eyeko this week, including 5 new polishes.

L-R Petite Polish, Tea Rose Polish, Posh Polish, Coral Polish, Vampira Polish

As you can see, Petite is a lovely sheer pink meant for French manicures. Tea Rose is a luscious rich pink creme, with the capacity to be a one-coater if you apply carefully enough. Same goes for Posh, a really grown-up taupe colour. Coral is pretty cool, almost bright red and a formula hovering somewhere between jelly and creme, somehow! Vampira is a gorgeous black shot through with tons of fine red glitter – my photo doesn’t really show it off but I have a feeling this might be a reasonable dupe for China Glaze Lubu Heels (which I don’t have so can’t compare! Haha).

Tea Rose and Posh are a bit on the thick side, but you gotta take the rough with the smooth and these are super opaque so that makes up for it. They are definitely all a touch more quick drying than the last lot of polishes.

So anyway, I love muted dusty looking colours at the moment so the first one I whacked on was Tea Rose. I then decided to break out the Konad since I’ve been neglecting it lately! I used BYS Lila Bliss and plate M65 to create this really subtle girly manicure.

The next one I tried was Coral Polish, after seeing Bicky’s post with GOSH Rainbow layered over red I decided to slap it on over Coral. It’s really cool how the flakes in Rainbow kinda show different faces when layered over different colours – it goes from stark orange and green over black, to more golden yellow over red!

Now, I’m sporting my first French manicure in years. In fact, it might be the first one ever ’cause I could never do it before. Haha. A couple of you might have seen how hideously stained my nails are, particularly at the tips – they’re a nasty yellow colour from the amount of polish they’re subjected to (yes, of course I wear a basecoat) so I always thought I’d never be able to wear a nice, pretty French mani. But last night I decided to give it a go with Petite Polish since I now actually owned a sheer polish to try it with. It’s only polish after all, so it can be taken off!

But, I really loved it! The staining isn’t too apparent at all! I did the tips freehand using Color Club Alabaster – they’re not too bad for a first go I don’t think, and a damn sight better than any of my attempts to use Konad’s M19 plate – followed by two coats of Eyeko Petite. Lastly I thought it needed a bit of jazzing up (you know me, can’t leave a good thing alone) and stamped some flowers from plate M4 with Tea Rose polish.

So, how do you like them?

Eyeko polishes retail at £3.50 each and can be bought here. Don’t forget to find one of the many ambassador codes floating round the internet before you order at Eyeko for a free gift with your purchase! (I also highly recommend Vintage polish whilst you’re there, by the way ;D)

These products were provided by Eyeko for review consideration. I am not affiliated with Eyeko, or indeed any company. I don’t receive any monetary incentive for my writing, and as always my reviews are 100% honest. Get it? Got it? Good. Now piss off, FTC.

24 thoughts on “Eyeko, mon petit chou! French mani!

  1. Love the review – I got sent some of the polishe – I love the colour of the Posh Polish but its a nightmare to apply because its so thick! Im looking forward to trying the petite polish now i’ve seen how good it looks! xx

  2. ahhhh oui oui mon petit chou! (my little cabbage) ^__^ tea rose is gorgeous!! Posh looks wonderful, and the glossy jelly look of coral polish appeals to me too! OMG OMG OMG I love your tea rose floral manicure – i adore it! So delicate!! All your manicures look lush, the precision and blimey your nails look great, can barely see the yellowing you silly chou :P muckle looove xxxx

  3. I love all 5 of those shades, esp Posh and Tea Rose and it’s really cute that they all come in bottles with different labels. All 3 of the mani you’ve done are lush, esp the Konad over the Tea Rose.

  4. @Caz: If you don’t have polish thinner just stick a tiny bit of polish remover in with thick polishes and shake it up. :)

    @Jules: Hahaaa that’s the one! Thank you :)

    @Roz: Yeah I LOVE the packaging on these. The old style bottles were super cute as well but the necks of the bottles were just so huge, they were really impractical. But I love looking at the labels on these!

    @Jo: Haha thanks :) yes, it’s lovely!

    @Amy: Thank you! You should definitely try Konad, it’s easy as pie and looks stunning :)


  5. Love the look of Tea Rose and Coral. Your manis are ace :D The rose one is my fave – I think I need to purchase that Konad plate! xox P.S. Your French is correct :D

  6. gorgeous nails!!! my favourite mani is the red with gold fleck in it.
    yes, ‘chou’ is a term of endearment.
    It all comes from the fact that in France we say that babies are born in cabbages. So from then, we have the expression ‘un bout de chou’ meaning a little piece of cabbage and it’s from then on that the word ‘cabbage’ meant something cute.
    We can use ‘chou’ as an adjective as well.
    For example, someone ‘aaawww c’est trop chou, merci beaucoup’ and this would mean ‘awwwww that’s too sweet, thank you so much’
    Another meaning of chou: each scrunched little piece on a stack of profiteroles is a chou. Profiterole pastry and chou pastry is very difficult to make/bake so this also adds a meaning of ‘precious and delicate’ to the meaning of chou xx

  7. After seeing you’re swatches i now want 3 out of the 5 grrrr lol but in my defense i already have the 2 black shades so would be wrong to leave the third out ;) xx Love the blog so i’ll be following :D

  8. @Kim: Thank you! Yeah I’m getting back into Konad now after I started neglecting it for freehand!

    @Liloo: Thank you for the lovely French lesson :) haha

    @BabyD: Thank you! I really like how it looks, I’ve never done it before :)

    @Jody: Haha good justification there ;P thank you very much!

    @Shifa: Lovely, aren’t they?


  9. I have ordered these but the post people are not playing nicely with me at the moment. Gr.
    Haven’t used my Rainbow flakies for a while. Yet another inspiration from Leanne.

  10. @Sherry: Thank you :)

    @Jen: Daww :( can’t wait to see what you do with them when you get them though!

    @Rebecca: It is!

    @Lily: Thank you :) haha my right hand is pretty steady but my left is awful – hence I only take pics of my left hand ;P

    @Bicky: SO SUE ME <3

    @Katy: Oh yay, I love being responsible for making other people spend money ;P hahaha!


  11. oh my word that pink konad design is GORGEOUS. ohhh envious i am i am i am! this has tempted me to get the pink one, when are they in store? xo

  12. @Methadone Pretty: Daww yeah they are nice!

    @Laura: Ooh thanks for the heads up! I’ll try and think of a good idea within the next day or so before it closes :) haha

    @Zoe: Thaaank you :) I don’t think they are in stores – they used to stock Eyeko in quite a few Superdrugs but they seem to have phased it out everywhere now! But you can get them online, there’s a link in the post :)


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