Easy peasy nail design 2! :D

I think I’m just about starting to get more into the routine of having NO FREAKING TIME. It seems the easy peasy nail design tutorial I did a couple of weeks ago was received quite well, so I’m thinking of starting a little series of them. Yay or nay? Even if the general consensus is nay, you’re getting a second one now anyway ;P

I made this design up on my nails before deciding to do it as a tutorial. I know it’s a bit too bold for some but obviously you could use whatever colours you wanted and you could skip the zebra stripes altogether, either leaving it plain or perhaps even using the gradient background for flowers like in my last tutorial or whatever you fancy. I just thought this was a pretty cool use for those horrible sponge tip applicators that companies always insist on throwing into eyeshadow palettes. Don’t throw them away, use them for gradient nails!

So first, obviously, pick your base colour. You could do the darker colour at the end and work up to a lighter colour on the tip, or vice versa. I went for bright summery colours, and my base was China Glaze Lemon Fizz. Then, blob a bit of your second colour (mine was China Glaze Peachy Keen) onto paper and evenly distribute some on a clean sponge applicator. Start at the tip of the nail, dabbing and patting the polish on. You want the colour to be more concentrated at the tip, so work down the nail as the sponge starts to run out of polish, if you see what I mean. It should look something like this:

Then you’ll wanna repeat that step with your next colour (this one is China Glaze Sugar High), but don’t work quite so far down the nail this time. That way, the middle colour acts as a transition between the base colour and the last one.

This is the point at which you can just apply a topcoat and leave it, or add on any design you like! I just did zebra stripes with a black nail art pen from eBay. To those of you who are new to nail art, stripes are a lot easier than they look, it’s just a case of releasing your pressure on the brush as you come towards the end of a stripe to taper the edge.

Lastly, apply your topcoat. I think a glittery or holographic topcoat works really well with this sponged gradient design as it helps make the colours look more smoothly blended. I used China Glaze Wireless Holographic.

Done! I hope you like it, and please show me if you try it out, I’d love to see :D

So, what do you reckon to a series (I’ll try for one a week) of Easy Peasy Nail Designs? Let me know!

39 thoughts on “Easy peasy nail design 2! :D

  1. oh wow,
    you did it again,

    you made me wanna buy lots of things!

    I think these tutorials are an amazing idea,
    Im sure people will be interested!

    look forward to the next one!

    p.s did my first ever notd yesterday, encouraged by bicky! you beauty bloggers are coaxing me over to the dark side!

  2. Love it and love the idea of nail designs. I need help! You are really good at nail stuff, wanna swap. You go to college for me and I’ll do your job. You’ll make a much better nail tech than me any day ;) x

  3. I’d love to see a series, I haven’t tried nail designs on myself yet but I love to see other peoples :)
    I think I might have to make an order for equipment to give it a go! xx

  4. HOLY CARP! babygirl this is beautiful, i wanna try this so muchos! why did i chuck away those applicators *cry*!!! LOVE your steps – soooo clear and love the transformation!xxxxx

  5. @Milly: Teehee, we don’t make you do nothin’ ;P off to look at your NOTD now!

    @Nessa: Glad I helped you find a use for them!

    @Charlie & London’s Beauty: Haha dawwww *gush* thank you, but I’m not a prodigy, just resourceful ;P

    @Ashlie: I don’t know what made me think of it either, but I’m glad I did!

    @Claire: Thank you :) meh I don’t think I’d make much of a nail tech, I’ve not got much of an interest in acrylics and other extensions which is where all the money is, I just really like painting and nail art!

    @Katy: Yay, I love encouraging people to spend money ;P haha. Please let me know if you do give it a go!

    @amusedPolish: You’re most welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

    @Jewels: Hahaaa thank you! You can grab a pack of like 10 applicators or whatever from Superdrug/Boots/Savers and the like for no more than a couple of squid yknow :D


  6. Wow those sponge things are useful for something! I’ll give it a go, I’m sure I’ve got some lying around somewhere :) Totally love this and please keep up the tutorials, I need some inspiration from somewhere :p xox

  7. @Kim: Everything is useful for something! Can’t wait to see your interpretation, although you usually show me up when you do my designs ;P

    @Polish Hoarder: Thank you :)

    @Gemma: Thanks! Yeah I’m pretty much convinced to go ahead with a series now – don’t forget to tweet me or something if you give it a go!

    @Roz: Thank you ^_^

    @desiiGirl87: Glad it was helpful :)

    @Abbie: Yay! Good to hear :D can’t wait to see!


  8. @Marcia: Thank you :)

    @Jo: I promise it’s not complicated! That’s why I’m doing these tutorials, so show how simple nail art can be!

    @Liloo: Thank you!

    @Michelle: Hello! Gonna go check out your blog now :)

    @yummy411: Thank you and you’re most welcome!

    @Bicky: You better. But not before you enter my god damn contest! ;P

    @LipGlossGossip: Thank you! Please show me if you try it :)


  9. This looks amazing – that’s such a great use for those little sponge applicators that usually get thrown straight in the bin! I’m not sure if I’m skilled enough to attempt the black stripes but I’ll definitely try the gradient effect. Great post – looking forward to more :) x

  10. @Lily: Thank you :) I can’t wait to see your go!

    @Laura: Haha it’s funny, we all used to hate them and throw them away without thinking, now loads of people are trying to hunt them out! ;P

    @Art of Nail: Thank you!

    @Lily: I had a look and entered :)

    @Emma: Ooh yay, please show me if you do!

    @Kayvona: Thank you!!

    @Denise: Daww thank you :) happy birthday ;D

    @Rachel: I just followed your blog so I’ll be able to see if you do! :D


  11. Those sponge applicators are the bane of my life, they’re rubbish! But now thanks to you I have a use for them this is AMAZING thanks so much :D xx

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