What the actual fuck, Blogger?!

Please let me know if the following has happened to you:

So I was looking on StatCounter, and I noticed that my old NYX In Europe Rant post from last November has had quite a lot of hits this week. So I went to look at that post, as you do, and I noticed that it had 0 comments.. there were at least 30 on it before. I looked through more of my posts… 0 comments… As it transpires, ALL of my posts dated 1st February 2010 and before that have NO COMMENTS.

I’d just like to clarify that I don’t blog for comments, before anyone accuses me of that. But I’m sure you can understand how annoyed I am – we work really hard on our blogs and I for one feel really special if I write a post and it becomes quite a popular one, such as my Konad Q&A for example which had big responses and now it’s just all gone!

Honestly, I am so pissed off at Blogger right now. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know what might have caused it?

14 thoughts on “What the actual fuck, Blogger?!

  1. I have had the same problem, if you just click on the comments thing they seem to come back, well that seemed to work for me anyway. Hope it gets better soon! xxx

  2. I haven’t got that problem, but then I’ve not been doing it so long. I do however have a comment showing as unmoderated, that doesn’t exist when you click on it. It’s been there since the weekend!

  3. It’s happened to me. Anything before December is gone, which has pissed me off because some people recommended some things on them. I also have a comment that I can’t moderate, dated 15th Dec. Only this week that’s appeared and I can neither publish it nor reject it. It might not bother some people but it’s bothered me – not in the sense that ‘oh no it looks like no one bothered to comment on my post’, but in the sense that someone took the time to read my post and comment on it. I sometimes like to read back old posts, and it’s the little thing like reading comments that I appreciate. So yeah… that’s a bit ranty and rambly lol, but I am experiencing the same :( xx

  4. heyyy

    yes it happened to me but worse…that happened then my whole blog went?! i had about 230 followers etc now had to start from scratch have 4 followers?! worked so hard to get it to that and now it just seems pointless. lost everything :(

    hope yours get sorted out, love your blogs
    peace out
    kadie aka nail fairy xxxx

  5. This happened to me once! I had a whole bunch of posts that only had 1 comment, when I know they had more. They all came back after a few days, I hope they come back for you!

  6. I had a problem with comments this weekend — it shows three ‘unmoderated’ comments but when I click, nothing happens. So I think my comment moderation doesn’t work. This is the second problem I’ve had with Blogger and I’m getting a bit fed up! grrrrrrrrrr.

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