As many of you know, I started my apprenticeship on Thursday and it’s already draining me, haha. Sorry for not really being around on Twitter and here and stuff, but they’re taking the piss. They’re expecting me to work a 46 hour week (9-5 Monday and Friday and 9-7 Tuesday to Thursday) for £95. Sorry what? I’m gonna have to try and get that sorted out at some point.

But anyway! I took my polish off the other day and had a really good look at my naked nails. Christ, they were disgusting. I mean they’re always gonna be very stained but the tips were all ratty and peeling and just not really looking nice. So, I was really, really brave… and cut them all down! I seriously almost shed a little tear because I worked so hard keeping them that length but they were in such bad condition I didn’t have an awful lot of choice. So now I’m back with shorties for a while until they grow some! They don’t look too bad I guess, but it’s harder to itch my legs through jeans! Hehe.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails for basecoat, 2 coats China Glaze Something Sweet, flowers made with dotting tools and Color Club Alabaster, rhinestones from eBay I think, OPI Designer Series topcoat.

Speaking of OPI, I got Gargantuan Green Grape (finally) and Jade is the New Black last week. Does anyone want swatches? If so I’ll try my best to get some done this week!

Also, don’t forget about my Fairytale Nail Art Contest! Ends 6th April so you have just over a week left. There’s also a part for those people who aren’t into doing their own nail art!

Sorry for rambling, feeling so tired and scatterbrained at the moment! How are all of you doing? Had a good weekend? Talk to me :)

13 thoughts on “Shawties!

  1. I think your nails are lovely like this, it’s such a sweet design! For me, if my nails were this length they’d be long ha, I can’t get mine to grow, they just break :( xx

  2. Lovely design and your nails are still longer here than mine ever are!
    Also that really is taking the piss you would be on over £250 a week if that were minimum wage so I would try and get that lowered if I were you. Good luck :)


  3. 46 hours is ridiculous for an apprentice, you definitely need to speak to someone about that, they’re taking advantage of you!
    I can never get my nails longer than the ends of my finger because they’re really peely, so yours still look really long to me! I need some Nail Envy ASAP!

  4. I like this design, very ‘polished’ and cute. That does seem a very strange deal. Lots of hours and not much £. I know it’s an apprentice position, but that still seems a lot of hours. There must be some rule about it somewhere… Emma :)x

  5. @Nicola: Thank you! Haha mine grow pretty quick actually but if they get any more than about 5mm longer than this the ends just start peeling. :(

    @Tanya: Thank you :) yeah I know, this works out at like £2.06 for hours, even immigrants won’t work for that amount! Haha.

    @Laura: I know, right? I mean it’s not like I’m even needed there the whole time since I’m not qualified to do ANYTHING yet so I’m pretty much the tea and sweeping girl. Give Sally Hansen Hard as Nails a go, they have one specifically for brittle and peeling nails. You can get it in Boots and Superdrug for like £4.50 or less which is a damn sight cheaper than Nail Envy :)

    @Emma: Thank you. Yeah, it’s definitely a pisstake. I’m not entirely sure who to speak to about it and I don’t wanna seem ungrateful for getting the position or anything… *sigh*


  6. Your nails look lovely ! your so talented with nail desighns i love your creativety :)

    I wish that mine where like that there all miss matched and different sizes !!!

    && I can’t believe about your apprentiship, I’m training to become a hairdresser but choose to go the college route instead after hearing such bad things from apprentiships!! Thats riddiculous what there expecting you to work! so glad i decided to go to college even though it means i only get £30 ema lol x

  7. Bloody hell that’s a lot of hours to work! Hope you get something sorted out.

    Your nails still look gorgeous hun, and it may be beneficial to you in the long run what with working now and stuff. Love the design xxx

  8. wow those are some long working hours hun! :O I wonder how you to it :S good luck :) As long as you enjoy what you do eh :) but 95 quid! err :S Anyways your nails look so cute ♥

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