Semi-matte Polkadots

I say semi-matte because I used Color Club’s matte topcoat that came in the Dark Romance minis set but it’s really not very matte at all… when you really stare at it in person you can see it’s kind of matte. Got nothing on China Glaze’s Matte Magic though!

The base colour is one I’m totally in love with at the moment – ‘Lila Bliss’ from BYS. It looks a little brighter in this picture than it is in person, it’s a gorgeous muted, dusty rose sort of colour. I’ve worn it quite a few times since I got it about 3 weeks ago :) the dots were done with just one dotting tool (but both ends of course), and Barry M Grey and Model’s Own Misty Grey. I wanted to use a lighter and darker grey rather than black and white which was my original plan since the pink colour is quite muted and I wanted the dots to not be too stark against the background.

Are you a polkadot lover or hater? Don’t worry, I won’t be offended ;P

7 thoughts on “Semi-matte Polkadots

  1. So pretty! I love these colours, greys and pinks work so well together. I’ve always loved them together, hence the blog colours lol

    I have never done it myself, I seem to be a plain mani girl but I always love them on other people – I’m just boring and can’t be bothered with jazzing up my nails when it’ll have to be taken off for college. Is that just bad? x

  2. @Charlie: Thank you ^_^;

    @Claire: Thanks! I feel like doing a pink and grey EOTD now! Hehe. And yes, that is bad – when I worked at that coffee shop where I wasn’t allowed to wear nail polish, I STILL played around with polish every night and took it off in the morning ;P

    @Vanilla: Thank you :)

    @Gildedangel: Thank you ^_^;

    @Shifa: Haha daww, polkadots are piss sweetie ;D grab yourself some dotting tools for eBay, premiumplaza on eBay sell 5 for £2.99 with free P&P!


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