Question of the Week: Overhyped Releases

[[Edit: I just want to clarify that this post wasn't meant to offend anyone! I'm not at all looking down on those who love buying into hype. I just can't afford to ;P big hugs all round?]]

I apologise for not doing one of these in a while, been stuck for ideas! But here’s one…

What do you think about products that are overhyped prior to their release?

Personally I tend to avoid the overhyped products more often than not for fear of being underwhelmed. I will freely admit that I really, really wanted MAC’s Ripe Peach blush ombre but I didn’t have any money when it was released and predictably the hype caused it to sell out within hours. LionLovingTiger found a reasonable dupe for it in her collection, though.

But take Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland palette for instance. I never really wanted it since I own most of the colours anyway and didn’t even like the packaging, but everyone was sooo psyched for it, weren’t they? Now everyone’s got it… and no one’s mentioned it in a few weeks! Haha. Rhamnousia gave me another couple of good examples of that happening, with NARS Orgasm Illuminator and Chanel Jade nail polish.

Speaking of Chanel… You may have noticed in the picture above I included Les Trompe L’œil, Chanel’s STUPID transfer tattoos. Sorry, are we 5 again? They did look fab on the catwalk, but that’s where they should have stayed. Transfer tattoos will never be a good look, even if they come from a designer name. Yinka put it quite eloquently in this hilarious post, “If I see anybody in London wearing these, chances are I’ll assume you got them from the bargain bucket in Claires Accessories”. Hahaha.

Or what about Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation? The hype caused many people I know of to buy it online at the moment of it’s release on the Boots website without swatching in store or anything, all of whom have been extremely disappointed at it’s ‘Twilight’ finish (yep, apparently it leaves you super sparkly. Not a good look)! Or the barrage of people hauling the new Sugarpill Cosmetics line ’cause all the YouTube ‘gurus’ are raving about it (don’t forget a lot of those people are actually friends of Amy, the owner) – I’ll be honest, they do look like amazing quality products but I’m sensible enough to admit they’re not really my thing, they’re not really wearable and I wouldn’t get enough use out of them to justify the price tag. Haha, I don’t know if you can tell but I’ve become a lot more tight since I lost my job ;P

Now, as much as I love Lady Gaga, I must confess I don’t reeeally love the colour of her MAC Viva Glam lipstick. It was released today in the UK and Twitter has been awash with girls talking about it and ordering it. Come on, it’s out for a year, no panic! From seeing swatches of it, it seems like quite a difficult colour to pull off thanks to the lilac-y undertones in it but it looks like everyone’s just rushing to get their hands on it so they can say they’ve got it. That’s one thing I’ve never really understood – if I don’t like the look of a product, I ain’t gonna buy it just because everyone is squee-ing about it. End of, really! I’m not saying I’ve never been tempted by products which are massively hyped before their release, but I normally put on my frugal cap and justify truthfully whether or not it’s worth buying. I can’t afford to be throwing money at things I don’t need right now!

So, what about you? Do you always get sucked in by product hype and end up regretting purchases? Tell me!

30 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Overhyped Releases

  1. Yeah I agree about the Ripe Peach hype. God it’s a peach blush for cripes sake. I never wanted it. When you have Illamasqua Lover you don’t need another peach one. It’s amazing. As for Photoready, mine has no sparkle at all. It’s really lovely.
    I am more excited about Lauper lipstick. Looks well nice.

  2. i do have to agree with you people go for the hype, me i didnt own a peach blush so i had to have this and i love it, aiw palette i dont own urban decay shadows so i decided to get this one cuz i love disney! photoready is perfect for me, i got it before the hype when it hadnt officially launched its my hg, never heard of sugar pill cosmetics and i dont think i will purchase, and the chanel tattoos i agree are we 12???
    also everyone was so excited for the mac give me liberty of london collection….all that is honestly already in the permanent line if you pay attention or you may have it from a previous collection i was so disappointed, but shit happens

  3. Yep,I usually get sucked in! ha ha
    But by then I’ve convinced myself that the product is ace and nothing can change my opinion.
    But I know what you mean…things can get overhyped and out of hand, especially in the world of blogging x

  4. @Marcia: Ooh I’ve been eyeing that one up for a while actually, might have to get it :) Lauper looks a bit too brave for me to pull off! Can’t wait to see if you get it though

    @Eve: Yeah, admittedly I did reeeeally want Ripe Peach and am kinda gutted I missed out. I’m not denying the AiW palette was a good product particularly for those who didn’t already own many/much UD but I couldn’t justify buying it because I already have most of the colours in it! I’m glad you like the Photoready, I’ve just heard people saying it’s all sparkly! And ewww, I hate the Liberty of London packaging! Hehe.

    @Lauren: Haha, admitting you have a problem is the first step to a cure ;P


  5. I’ve not bought Gaga becuase I think it looks nasty in a lot of swatches and I don’t think it’ll suit me. I bought Cyndi as soon as it came out though this morning. I don’t see the problem erally, its just pure excitement about a product people are looking forward to and I don’t understand the backlash against people who do look forward to and want to buy something as soon as it’s released… it’s just fun isn’t it? I was the same about M&S Melt in the middle chocolate puds. There must be things in life, make up or otherwise, you simply can’t wait to get. A book? A film? A cd?


  6. I agree with all of those. The alice palette especially, all the shadows in it have been released before so its nothing new. I really did not see the fascination with those bloody transfer tattoos. The Sugarpill colours seem to only really look something special when foiled. And the other products I’m not fussed about either. I would like the Gaga Lipstick as I don’t own anything like it but I doubt I’ll actually end up getting it.
    Great post hun.


  7. To be honest I never get sucked in. Like you I very rarely tend to want the items everyone is just dying to get their hands on. Ok, so I was a little sucked in with the Gaga lippie, but I haven’t bought it. I was looking in to it because EVERYONE was going on about it and I felt I should have it to. Nothing wrong with being an individual and not falling for all the hype. Great post sweety. xx

  8. it’s just marketing, plain and simple. the companies are doing their jobs that is for sure haha. i think the only product hype i get sucked into is for nail polish, and well, i don’t really mind about that haha :) unless it’s a dupe of something i already have or an overpriced crap piece (*cough* chanel jade). the only hyped product i was dying to have this year was viva glam cyndi, literally the first lipstick i’ve ever bought. i loved the shade in swatches i saw and i really really love that 100% of funds go to a charity. as for the other stuff, i like to hear about it but rarely if ever buy into it.

  9. I agree. I very nearly got the Alice Palette. I realised just before my boy was going to purchase it as an early birthday present for me that I only really liked it because it had Alice on it but i’d never ever see the Alice part anyway.

    As for Gaga I think it’s pretty but I’d rather spend the £12 & a bit more at Illamasqua, my new obsession haha!

    We’re all allowed our own opinions. Some will go out and buy anything and everything & that’s great if you can afford it, I know I’d love to be able to do that. But others, like me, who are in situations where money is tight, have to be more cautious of the products we purchase & make sure it’s worth it. A lot of the time with hyped up products I am left disappointed because the raves create higher expectations than one product could ever live up to.

    Great post lovely! xo

  10. I dislike the overhyped products, too. My inner five year old holds her breath and refuses to give in. (That’s why I didn’t go see the first Jurassic Park movie in theaters, because it was overhyped and was pitched to kids and scared lots of the younger ones…and now, of course, I’m wishing I’d seen it on the big screen.)

    I have amassed a huge horde of colors, though, so I think that helps in making me immune to the hype. Though let a new holographic or prismatic nail polish come out, and I’m fighting the “WANT IT!!!” cravings.

  11. To be honest I have Ripe Peach and AiW..I did get sucked in by AiW and am disapointed in how much I actually use it. But I bought Ripe Peach after only seeing it on XSparkage’s video and because I just love peach blush. People do get really sucked into these things though.

  12. Ooh controversial topic, going to keep my eye on this post lol! Being skint means i cant really go about buying all these new fabulous releases that seem to come out every month but im sure if i had the money then i would get sucked into the buzz. Its fun to buy new things and the hype is obviously unavoidable for all these limited edition items that go on sale, especially from Mac- its a pretty good marketing scheme they have going on really.

  13. I dont even really think about the hype to be honest. Its all about what I like. I never bought Alice because I knew I wouldn’t use half the colours in it. Never bought the Ripe Peach Blush, well because Ive never used peach blush before, so Im not paying a stupid amunt of mone just to find out I dont suit peach ha! I ordered Gaga this morning because I love the colour of it, big on pink lips at the moment, didn’t order Cindi though because I’d never be able to pull off red Lippie. I got none of the Lippies from the recent MAC collection, even though everyone and their dog loves Victoria, but I just know it wont suit me sadly :(

    Ermm…. still not got Revlon Photoready even though I was really excited about the release, as I do love the Original Colourstay. Ive been waiting for a few reviews from my UK Ladies, who nomrally use Colorstay to come up before I buy it.

    So nahhhh… wouldn’t say I get caught up really. I get al giddy at first, then I let my brain kick in and tell me the truth, like “Jo Joanne… don’t be a dick, that Lipie wont suit you, or you wont even use them eyeshadows” so then I get all sensible haha.


  14. great post as always hun! and thanks a lot from saving me from buying revlon photoready :D I do tend to believe the hype unless some god sent blogger breaks my illusion hehe

  15. Luckily for me, I don’t pay attention to all these overhyped products, as I lately became “obsessed” with mineral makeup. :) It’s much cheaper, plus it’s healthier.

    Previously I bought overhyped Revlon ColorStay foundation, NYX products and Cover Girl LashBlast mascara only to find out these products are a huge FAIL (for me obviously). These are not releases actually, but still quite “on topic”. :)

  16. i am going to pat myself of the back because i only have 2 of those items haha (alice and gaga). i got alice 1. because i saw it as more of a collectors item than an eyeshadow palette and 2. because i do not have many UD shadows. but i happily use it daily and am glad i bought it. i have no excuses to justify the gaga purchase haha.
    i guess to a certain point i do and i don’t give into the hype. if it is something i KNOW i will use than yeah i give in. but if people are gushing over an item i know will never get any use i just let it pass on by !

  17. Oh this post is sooo refreshing. I totaly agree with you on every single one of those. That’s exactly what i was thinking about those products, but was kinda scared to tell off, cause EVERYONE seemed to be so excited about it…

  18. i’m so glad you’ve got the balls to write posts like this, it’s something thats skirted around quite a lot. i knew i wanted ripe peach as soon as i first ever saw temptalia’s spring colour post last year and i literally watched the mania unfold infront of my eyes. i was kinda disappointed because it meant i literally had to rush rush rush and i got to mac just as the doors were closing, i then found out it sold out in pro the next day! it is a beautiful peach blush and i love it so so much, however i dont own anything like it so personally i think its justifiable.

    i have never ever even looked at a revlon foundation, i am sick to death of hearing about it and i think thats honestly whats put me off! haha. but i mean it suits some people and it wont suit others, more people need to have your attitude and realise that maybe things aren’t always suited to them. i dont think ive hugely got massively sucked into the hype of things, if i like something i make my own personal hype because i want it so bad, no matter what it is, and how many other people want it – because it means something to me.

    to be honest though everything will always be like this, its just the same with music. as soon as some people start talking about an artist, everyone wants to see that artist, everyone wants their album. we are a nation sucked in by advertising!!

    if this is something you’re interested in – the power of advertising etc, i recommend a czech indie film called “cesky sen.” its all about the power of hype and advertising taken to the extreme with the biggest advertising prank ever played on the city of prague. very true reflection of our society really!


  19. shamefully i will say yes!
    as you know me leanne i am the hugest sucker for the “next big thing” and i am pretty much 10000% sure that if i wasnt MIA from the beauty community when Ripe peach was released i would have bought it :D. I was even going to head over to my local tesco tonight to pick up photoready as we have a revlon counter there. But since you say it is glitter tastic. i shall avoid :P.

    I am the worst person when it comes to gimmicks, packaging, limited edtion things and all that jazz. I think i might have a slight case of Cleptomania :P!! I see it i must have it haha.


  20. I agree for the most part. I do want the GaGa l/s but, and I don’t mean to sound big head, but being so white I think I can get away with it. I’m 100% cert it wouldn’t look good on tanned/dark skin tones but who knows.

    I do think some people just buy things (Alice In Wonderland ¬_¬) just for the sake of saying they have it.

  21. I agree about the Chanel fake tattoos – awful things! I kinda want the Gaga lipstick, despite the hype, although I definitely want to swatch it in the store first as I don’t really want a lipstick that I don’t use, regardless of who designed it! At least some of the money goes to charity though…
    I tried to avoid hyped up items in general – they’re usually a bit of a disappointment.
    Great post! x

  22. The only reason I even understand what you’re talking about in this post is because I get bored on youtube and stumbled across vid reviews on every last one of these products (and I watched them even though they really didn’t add anything to my makeup product knowledge…the personal one anyway). I have to say I avoid hype where ever necessary because I’ve learned that by getting your hopes up, you tend to set the bar way too high and that just leads to a letdown. I don’t go bananas over name brand this and that or what’s trendy and “IN” anyhow. If I like it and it works, give it to me, lol. I’m a frugal person though because I work too hard for my money to blow it on a product that isn’t multi-use so it had better be damn impressive or it can stay on the shelf. My shopping motto is “Nothing is worse than buyer’s remorse” so trust that I deliberate and research heavily before I make an investment on something I don’t think is worth the price. That brings me to the Chanel tattoo transfers…ugh. I heard the price on those and I cringed but I know they sold like hotcakes and people will run around with their big shades and ugly Jeffrey Campbell open toe boots and floral dresses and leather jackets and be like “I am so fashionable!”. It’s disgusting, the mimicry that runs rampant in the fashion world to the point where all originality is lost but that’s a rant for another day. What’s even worse is that I can guarantee you that someone is going to take their designer obsession one step too far and get an actual tattoo that mirrors the Chanel ones. O_o

    I agree, hype can be super whack. Awesome post.

  23. Oh I love your question posts! Such a good idea.
    I am sometimes a follower of the hype and as you say ordered photoready without swatching it! its way to dark so I need to repurchase. I am not even a Lady Gaga fan, at all – I convinced myself I wanted it, but I really dont wear lipstick often enough so luckily managed to talk myself out of it!
    I would say a lot of the things I have bought recently have definitely been after reading rave reviews, but as of now I will try to buy what I like, not what I think I like! xxx

  24. I love that you posted this. Not one of those things interested me at all. I think its a poor thing haha…I’m just so discriminating. There was literally ONE color from the Alice palette that I wanted (Mushroom…which is sort of blah, right?). And I’m glad you mentioned the Sugarpill thing. I think people are just scooping it up (for outrageous prices, might I add) and its really not that revolutionary or special. I mean, the brandings really good but I can’t bring myself to spend $12 or whatever on a loose shadow I’ll wear a few times, when I can get a nice, hand-formulated one from other companies for $5 or less. I’m not sure if everyone realizes that 1) bright colors are actually NOT hard to find and 2) the loose shadows are (openly) not her hand-mixed creation. Bah, whatever, I guess cause I’m a mmu junkie I am more discriminating!

    And those Chanel tattoos are absolutely fucking ridiculous. Get a real tattoo, assholes.

    And the Lady Gaga lipstick does not look good on one single person I’ve seen. Especially tan girls (ughhhhhh)!

    End rant XD

  25. i tend to buy only what i like. one thing i really didnt go for was the MAAH polish that everyone seemed crazy for. i think as a full mani it looks really.. second grade lol. i do get excited for all of china glaze’s releases though, thats one brand i think can do no wrong haha.

    dont apologize for you opinions! if someone gets offended by what youre saying then they need a thicker skin, youre entirely entitled to say what you want!

  26. Hahaha how did I miss this? I swear your posts don’t show up on my feed!

    I get caught up in the hype sometimes, but I’m not one of those people’ll who’ll tweet non-stop about it and stalk websites, etc. I bough Alice cos I don’t own any UD shadows at all, but I stated from day dot that the packaging was crap. That reminds me, I better use it for a FOTD soon!

    I bought Ripe Peach but that on the reccomendation of the WOC on Specktra, Twitter hype didn’t influence me one bit. In my post on it, I wasn’t too keen, but I’ve actually worn it every bloody day since AND bought a back up. It looks different than my other peach blushes.

    PhotoReady, well that was sent to me, but I wouldn’t have gone out and bought it …will explain the hoo-ha over that when I review it.

    Chanel tats …well you know where I stand on those LOL

    Gaga – bored of hearing abut it. I’ll swatch/try it later but there’ll be no ‘unveiling’ of it on my blog. I’ll leave that to other folk to do.

    I’m not interested in this Sugarpill stuff, don;t even know what it looks like!

    I’m over Sleek and their palettes now too, so don’t expect to see the new ones on my blog anytime soon.

    However …for every item I’m “sick of”, there’s an item in my stash that I went bloody mad and was banging down shop doors for!

  27. This is such a good post, and loved reading all the comments. I do get sucked into the hype in that i think because everyone is talking about it, it must be a good product thought offten it does not deliver. I really wanted the alice pallet as I don’t own any urban decay shadows. However when new Mac collections are launched I dont feel i have to own somwething from the collection.

    On the other hand I did get sucked into the the hype about the “by candle light” MSF and honestly i wear it everyday so if there had been no hype around it i would have never sampled the product and brought it and I would have never found my HG highlighter. :) xXx

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