Oh for goodness’ sake!

I’ve got a fair bit to blog about, including a little nail art competition I have planned (prizes aren’t amazing or expensive so please don’t get too excited, remember I am unemployed at the moment!) – but ugghh. My operating system is Windows Vista, right, and I was getting sooo many BSODs on this horrible thing that I decided to just say ‘sod it’ and reinstall Windows.

The good news is, not so many blue screens. The bad news is, for some STUPID reason I can’t seem to get my Photoshop CS2 to install. Don’t try and suggest free alternative image editors, I am seriously picky and won’t use anything but Photoshop. Hopefully my dad can come and fix it for me, but until then I can’t sort any of my pictures out >__
For now I’ll just show you an EOTD I already had uploaded to Photobucket. I did want to save this for another occasion but you know I hate to leave you guys a post without a picture! Hope you like it, and hope to be back with you soon! xo

UDPP in Sin was my primer here. I took a soft, fluffy blending brush (similar to MAC’s 224) with a tiny bit of Fyrinnae’s Love Potion eyeshadow and blended this really lightly through my crease area which would eventually serve as a gradation between my natural skin colour and my darker crease colour, which was MAC Cranberry. I applied this with a smaller crease brush, still working lightly with not much pressure. Once I was satisfied with the colour I went back over it with what was left on the brush I used for Love Potion to blend it out a little bit more. Oh, I also think I used a touch of MAC Antiqued eyeshadow to darken up the very outer corner. Then I applied the lid colour, MAC Grand Entrace, and also applied this to the inner part of my lower lashline (and Cranberry on the outer part). Uhhmm… Theeen I applied my brow highlight which was The She Space’s First Class Con, then plain old boring liquid liner on the top and pencil in the waterline. I used MaxFactor’s new Lash Extension Effect mascara, which I’m actually liking quite a lot! Then I Gave my eyebrows a very half-arsed brush into place ;P

7 thoughts on “Oh for goodness’ sake!

  1. Looks lovely hun. I really like Mac Cranberry, but just know I’d end up looking like I’d been crying if I put it on. You know I’m crap with eotds lol x

    Hope you get your computer sorted out soon. Hate it when you can’t use it properly. How do you find photoshop, I’m no good at editing pics, no good at taking them either but that’s a whole other story, just was thinking about getting an editor to try and be a bit better. :)

  2. That’s a lovely, fresh natural look. Hope you get your computer problem solved soon. I can understand about photoshop, I really wouldn’t want to work with anything else, either.

  3. Haha im picky about photo editing programes. Photoshop all the way for me too! Wish i could help, i have cs3 which my friend gave me and for some magical reason all you have to do is transfer the icon for it on my desktop and it automatically works on the next computer you put it on too!

    Its 5 times too big for me to upload and send via hotmail though :( I could see if theres a website i could use to send it via if you want something to tied you over until you get your cs2 version to work… i am not sure if there are differences to them or not? :s

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