EOTD 09/03

Hellooo :) I’ve got something awesome to tell you but I’m gonna wait until I know a bit more about it first – I should be getting a letter in the post regarding it tomorrow or Thursday so I promise I’ll tell you soon! As for today, just got an EOTD for you.

Kryolan Eyeshadow Base, 17 eyeshadow in Funfair, Urban Decay eyeshadows in Last Call, Smog, Sin and Flipside, MAC Satin Taupe eyeshadow, The She Space First Class Con, Maybelline Line Definer, GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliners in Black Ink and Blue Lagoon, MaxFactor Lash Extension Effect mascara, Anastasia brow pencil (not that you can see my brows..)

Hope you like! I haven’t worn colour in my waterline for ages, I may well start doing so more often. :)

14 thoughts on “EOTD 09/03

  1. Ooh, is it THAT thing? We really do have very similar eye colour! This looks gorgeous, love the colour on your waterline, really brings out the blue in your eyes. xx

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