Daww, surpriiise!

After almost a solid week of getting nothing in the post (depressing, I know), the postman brought two lovely things yesterday! I knew that one was my contest prizes from Lady Gray, check those out:

Really looking forward to using these, particularly the Nails Inc polish as I’ve NEVER had a Nails Inc one before (none of the colours ever really appeal to me when they do those magazine freebies and stuff, but Charlie picked a fabulous colour here!), and the Lemon Soufflé body scrub ’cause I’ve tried a few of the N-Spa scrubs before but not this one. Thanks again Charlie :D

I had no idea what the second package was, and I was all excited ’cause it was just addressed to ‘Leanne’ rather than my full name. Turns out, it was a present from Sarah (of I Heart Cosmetics fame) to say thank you for helping her out with her blog layout! Dawww :)

The gorgeous glittery Thank You card is in pride of place on top of my computer, and soon will join all other makeup/blog friend related bits and pieces on my noticeboard ;D hehe. The little makeup brushes are lovely and soft and have just made travel soo much easier for me since I don’t have any small brushes and am always lugging my long handled ones back and forth when I stay at Colin’s. I’ll be staying there this weekend, so I can make good use of them :D in fact I may even leave them at his house for even MORE convenience! Haha. Also included were two ‘Sparkle and Fade’ nail polishes from Urban Outfitters – yknow, for someone who calls herself a nail polish addict I’d never heard of these before (mind you, Urban Outfitters isn’t really my thing) – Sparkle and Fade seems like a strange name for creme polishes, am I right? But I must say, I’m pretty much in love – I have found what is probably the closest I will ever get to mannequin hands!

I can’t find a shade name or number on the bottle so I’m afraid I can’t tell you what it is! :(

Thanks sooo much again and big hugs to Charlie and Sarah for brightening up my day with lovely things :D I was really under the weather yesterday so these perked me right up. Thanks ladies! :D

What have you received in the post lately?

P.S. Yes Photoshop is fixed, let the blogging commence! :D

11 thoughts on “Daww, surpriiise!

  1. awww that is soo sweet of Sarah :) It would make anyones day! And I loove that nail varnish color hun..gorgeous ♥ I can spot a lipgloss in the first pic, can we have a swatch LOTD please :)

  2. @Mariana: It is lovely :) I’m sorry I can’t be more help with what the shade actually is! Haha

    @Shifa: You sure can hun :) it’s one of the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker ones; I’ve never tried a plumping gloss before so should be interesting!

    @Makeup Kitten: Daww, poor you :(

    @Lady Gray: Thaaanks ^_^;

    @Olivia: Hehe, I’d love to have that sort of mail eeevery day ;P


  3. What you mean you don’t go by ‘just Leanne’ like Lulu or Prince LMAO!! Sorry hun did it in a rush at work, am probably not supposed to be using company labelling supplies for personal post so tried to do it quick so nobody saw (cos if i hand address an envelope nobody’s gonna be able to read it). x

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