Current Obsession: China Glaze Peachy Keen (plus nail art)

So I am absolutely, completely, and totally in love with China Glaze Peachy Keen. I cannot stop wearing it! I even wore it plain for a few days because I just loved looking at the beautiful glossy colour. Take a look, two coats with Poshe topcoat.

Gaahh I just can’t get over how much I love it. It’s beautiful. Agreed? Or is Peachy Keen not really your thing?

Tonight, I was thinking about possibly cutting my nails down – I love them long but I’m afraid of them breaking really low down, and since I fail at lining up full nail image plates for double stamping, I’ve been totally neglecting Konad. On the flipside, I ordered a set of nail art brushes from eBay a few days ago so maybe keeping them this length will give me a better canvas for practising freehand nail art. Your thoughts? :)

So anyway, that train of thought led me to remembering all the amazing freehand leopard print nail designs that my friend Kim (Dottie K) has done. If you don’t follow her already, you should definitely check out her fantastic blog which deserves way more followers! I decided to take a leaf out of Kim’s book and give this freehand thing a go, here’s how it turned out:

It took me somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes to do both hands, the process sounds easy but I tried to take my time and make it look good! I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt but Kim’s manis blow mine right out of the water. What I did was apply little patches of Barry M’s Coral nail paint to the nails first and allowed them to dry – obviously not with a lot of polish on the brush, I scraped most of it off on the side of the bottle and just dabbed the tip of the brush onto the nail. Once that had dried I used a dotting tool (although you could use a cocktail stick or something similar if you don’t have those) and Color Club’s Dark Romance polish to finish off the leopard spots.

I actually really like how it turned out and now feel inspired to try a lot more freehand designs so I’m excited for my brushes to get here! Since I haven’t used my China Glaze Wireless holographic topcoat in a while, I thought I’d slap a coat of that on top when I was finished. I didn’t love it with this design, but I guess it’s okay! I kinda wished I’d just used a plain topcoat. Hope you like, though!

21 thoughts on “Current Obsession: China Glaze Peachy Keen (plus nail art)

  1. Oh em geeee I LOVE this!! You’ve got your lemming thing back lol, you’re making me want this topcoat! This mani receives the Dottie K seal of approval ;P xox

  2. The peach is so pretty and i love the free hand leopard print design- definatly got to give that a go some time.. I have never really done any nail art before, im sure ive got a cocktail stick somewhere though lol.

    Hmmm its a pain when you’ve grown your nails long but they are starting to crack. I usually just cut them because if they rip you have no control how they rip and sometimes if it goes too low its painful and ends up looking worse as apposed to if you had just cut them! Maybe just put a few layers of nail hardener over the mani until the new brushes come so at least they are all binded together with all the paint lol? x

  3. @Rachel: Thank you! :D Can’t hold a candle to your Snow White though! Hehe.

    @Kim: Waheyy! Thank you ;P yeah I admit I lost my touch a bit with burning holes in your purse but looks like I’ve got my mojo back!

    @Jean: I didn’t like it with my skintone the first time I swatched it, but now I love it so much I don’t even care if it goes with my skintone or not! Haha

    @Roz: Daww thank you! All it takes is a whole shit-ton of practice :) lol!

    @Laura: Thank you! Yeah, it does look a lot better in person, the flash makes it look more glittery than it does in the flesh and somehow more.. child like? You know what I mean I’m sure :)

    @Gemma: Thanks, be sure to throw a link my way if you do give it a go, I’d LOVE to see! And yeah that was my general plan, been slapping on Sally Hansen Hard as Nails a couple of times a day to keep them together, I actually have a tiny break halfway down both thumbnails and my right middle nail which is why I think I really need to cut them, I just don’t want to! But I know I’ll regret it if I don’t and they break that low down… *sigh*


  4. Hate you hate you hate you! Nah, love you really. Fab nails hun, so long and perfect. I’ve never been able to get mine that long. And wow the leopard print is gorgeous, so pretty. Can’t wait to see more of your designs. Peachy Keen is a lovely colour, wish I was allowed to buy more polishes, it’d be at the top of my list. x

  5. @Jo: Hehe, it IS amazing isn’t it?

    @VampiressDoll: Ooh yeah it does, doesn’t it!

    @Milly: :) Thank you very much! I’m a bit of a novice at freehanding though!

    @Claire: Daww meanie! ;P My nails are far from perfect though, they’re so stained and they peel at the tips. Keep Peachy Keen on your list, though! :D

    @Karleigh: Thank you! You don’t even need tutorials for this, trust me it’s so easy once you try!

    @Vanilla: Thank you :)


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